If none of the complete ceremonies you've found seem quite right for you, the following should make it fairly easy to assemble your own. Just click on each section, and choose from the examples given. Write down your numbers and your letters, and you should have a basic ceremony. Readings and music can then be inserted wherever you like.

You'll notice that many of the options are pretty similar. This should give you an idea of the flexibility you have to pick and choose, or even edit what you decide on. If a word doesn't work in your ear, find one that does. You're not offending anyone- it's your wedding.

The Main Sections of your Wedding

I Welcoming words

(Opening Prayer)
(Charge to the Couple)

II Statements of Intent

(Charge to the Family)

III Vows

(Words About Rings)

IV Exchange of Rings

(Blessing / Prayer over the Rings)

V Pronouncement

VI The Kiss

(Blessing or Benediction)

VII Introduction of the Couple

These are the highlights. The numbered parts are almost always done. They are the things that make a marriage legal. Even a few of these are optional, but they are part of the tradition.

The sections in parentheses are still common, but often considered "extras." They are still worth doing, particularly if you plan to adhere to a religions tradition.