For Emilie

Close your eyes, your day is done
Your little battles smartly won
And as you bow your head and sleep
The Goddess over you will keep

Her watch of strongest, deepest love
To guard a girl who's dreaming of
A world that grownups seldom see;
A world where anything can be

Where dragons roost on window sills
And hedgehogs tend their daffodils
And pigeons read the Daily Sun
To find out how their stocks have done

Where hippos dance and penguins fly
And no one ever wonders why
The seasons turn the way they do
And every spring is fine and new

Where every beast, on land and sea
Sings out in life's great harmony
To celebrate, with endless mirth
The promise of our own rebirth

And on this world, so brightly made
Our sleepy hero lifts the shade
This world where anything can be
A world made just for Emilie

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