Autumn Planting Ritual

Season: fall, before the first frost
Moon: any
Purpose: In addition to being a fine way to decorate your meeting place, this is a good fall meditation. It provides a chance to examine the things that, mentally and spiritually, you may need to put away for the winter.
Materials: flower bulbs that can still be safely planted, and appropriate tools for planting

There are ten items in this list, because we had ten bulbs to account for. If your needs differ, use what you need or add a few more of your own. The important thing, as with any visual exercise, is to come up with something that resonates for you. This is another good ritual to "pass around." Everyone should take part.


Goddess of rebirth
The harvest is over
The God is again offered up
As we celebrate the season of rest and reflection,
and wait for the springing of life in the land,
these are the things we give into your keeping

The first planter should then say the following:

Here are our dreams, our secret desires. May they bloom beyond our imagining.

The bulb should now be planted. While the planter is working, all should think of the dreams and secrets they will nurture throughout the winter ahead. The planting should then continue around the border of your circle, one bulb for each petition. It's nice to close each one with a rousing, communal "so mote it be!" Here are the rest of the petitions we used....

At this point, all should return to the edge of the circle, and place their hands upon the ground. Be aware of your energy mingling with the energy of the Earth, surrounding and protecting the newly planted seeds.


We lay our hands upon the wheel of life
and commend these seeds to the care of the Goddess.
Great Mother, bearer and protector of all life,
Keep them safe from the winter wind
Encourage them as they reach toward the warmth
When the sun is reborn
and the days grow long again.


Goddess and God
Mother and Father
Earth and Sky
Help us always to see you
and to be with you
in ourselves and in all things.


Blessed be!

Continue as customary....

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