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Here are some good links on efficiency, renewable energy, and others that might be of help to those visiting this page.

West Bloomfield Initiative for Renewable Energy
at West Bloomfield High School

Solar Redbook (gives monthly and yearly solar insolation values for many major cities).

National Renewable Energy Labarotory's PV Watts Calculator, to predict annual energy output of a static, single axis tracking, or dual axis tracking solar array.

Database For State Incentives for Renewable Energy (Cash, Rebates and Tax Breaks for Renewable Energy and Efficiency Systems)

National Renewable Energy Laboratory's Open PV Project.  When you install a new Photovoltaic (PV) solar electric project, enter its basic data into this database so we can all see how we are doing in Michigan and nationwide.

US Navy Sun and Moon altitude and Azimuth page. Good for Sunrise/Transit/Sunset times and locations

Frybrid Diesel/Veggie Oil conversion kits