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Mel Barclay Energy Education Fund

of West Bloomfield High School

To educate children of all ages in the joys, methods, and science of living sustainably and carbon neutral in Michigan, through real-life experiences with efficiency and locally harvested energy.


Send your tax deductible donation to:
West Bloomfield High School
("Mel Barclay Energy Education Fund" on memo line)
4925 Orchard Lake Rd
West Bloomfield, MI 48323

and keep track of the fund's achievements at

Mel Barclay was a pioneer in Michigan in installing and teaching about renewable energy.  In his last years, it was his dream to create an energy education center at West Bloomfield High School, beginning with a large tracking solar array.  The school has created the Mel Barclay Energy Education Fund to support this project.

Artists Conception of Tracking PV Array at WBHS

Mel Barclay teaching the next generation how to use renewable energy