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Mel Barclay Energy Education Fund
Joshua Barclay has been teaching at the high school and university levels for over fifteen years. He is certified in the state of Michigan to teach High School Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, but also enjoys teaching and learning about nature and music.

Merrie Barclay is a writer and healer specializing in individualized writing classes and therapeutic walking meditation. She holds a masters degree in occupational therapy and is a certified massage therapist.

Michael Flynn is an inventor, science teacher and designer of exhibits, with ten years of classroom experience. He has taught high school environmental science, worked as a project engineer for Ford's Natural Gas powered car, and has been instrumental in the installation and maintenance of the renewable energy systems at the Dream Farm.

Individuals, classes and groups of all ages will experience the adventure and amazement of living within our means, using the energy sent for free right to our door, here in cold and cloudy Michigan.