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Our solar PV array is one of the largest dual-axis tracking arrays in Michigan and provides over 110% of the yearly electricity needs of our house.

Funding and installation assistance provided by the MLB Planetary Rescue Foundation.


The PV array is 18 feet wide and 12 feet in height, mounted on a 9 foot tall pole. The array consists of sixteen Sanyo HIT-200 panels, each producing 200 watts, so our total power is 3200 watts. The array is on a Wattsun AZ-225 Dual-axis tracker so it follows the sun.

This much solar panel powers this much house =)


The Sanyo HIT Heterojunction with Intrinsic Thin layer panels work well in both sunny and cloudy conditions. Even with complete cloud cover, our array can generate over 1000 watts, which is more than our house consumes on average.


The Fronius IG-4000 inverter (on the right) takes 220 V DC from the PV array, and changes it to 240 V AC so it can be sent directly into our breaker box (on the left). If we are generating more energy than our house is using at the moment, the excess energy goes onto the electrical grid and is used by our neighbors.

Here is our electrical use and generation data from our first two years of operation. You can see we have generated significantly more energy than we have used. This is not only due to our excellent solar energy system, but to our energy efficiency measures.