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Farming the Sun to Realize our Dream of Carbon Neutrality
Here on the Dream Farm we can show you how to save the planet, and have lots of fun doing it! By being very energy efficient, and harvesting energy from the SUN, we generate more than a megawatthour more electricity than we use each year, provide nearly all of our space heating & clothes drying, and most of our hot water heating, and we do it all here in cloudy southeastern Michigan!

Our Mission
To illuminate the joys and methods of living sustainably in Michigan through efficiency and carbon-neutral locally harvested energy.

Our Motto
Renewable is DOABLE!

The Dream Farm
3.2 kW solar PV array and Solar Domestic Hot Water System

Living in Harmony with the Earth, and Having Fun!
Living the good life doesn't have to hurt the Earth. Efficiency is key--it's an important part of appreciating and honoring the gifts of energy that mother nature delivers for free, right to our door, every day of the year.

Check out our videos to help you make your home energy efficient!
Part I:  Low Cost and No Cost Measures To Do TODAY!

Part 2-Slightly Bigger Investments, WAY Bigger Savings

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