Joseph Montfort Council No. 108 Allied Masonic Degrees of the United States of America
About Our Council No. 108

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The Allied Masonic Degrees are detached degrees, some of which, many years ago, were conferred under Craft warrents and formed part of the then loosely governed Freemasonry of the period.

         Many of these detached degrees became dormant in some places, although in others they were conferred as side degrees. In time the better of these degrees were grouped together in an organized body under the title of Allied Masonic Degrees. The degrees comprising the system in our Jurisdiction in the Unted States of America are the:

Royal Ark Mariner,

Secret Monitor,

Knights of Constantinople,

Saint -Lawrence the Martyr,


Grand Superintendent,

Grand Tiler of Solomon,


Master of Tyre,

Excellent Master,

Installed Sovereign Master,

Installed Commander Noah,

Red Branch of Eri,

Ye Ancient Order of Corks.

           Each Council  in the Allied Masonic Degrees is limited to twenty-seven members with one exception.  There is a Grand Master's Council for membership for brethren residing in localitiesm where Councils have not been organized, or where the Local Council limitation prohibits futher membership. This only Council can exceed the membership limitation.

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