Joseph Montfort Council No. 108 Allied Masonic Degrees of the United States of America
Consider The Frog
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      Consider the story of the frog related by Dr. An Wang, founder of Wang Laboratories.

A frog was dropped into a pan of hot water, the frog immediately reacted to the heat by jumping out of the pan. Another frog was put into a pan of cold water on a stove. The burner beneath the pan was turned on low initially and then the heat was gradually increased so that the temperature of the water rose only a degree at a time. Change was occurring and the frog accepted it because it was gradual. The frog stayed in the pan until the heat killed it. Moral, We all react immediately to dramatic changes, but we run the risk of getting cooked if we fail to notice the little, slow changes occurring around us.

(Copied from Industrial Review Publication)

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