Joseph Montfort Council No. 108 Allied Masonic Degrees of the United States of America
A Projection
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        Let us pause in our deliberations to reflect upon the progressiveness of our Order, the enthusiasm it generates among its members, the contribution it makes to Freemasonry and the stimulus it provides for the individual Allied Masonic Brother. While some Brethren claim that the catalyst is fellowship, the true ingredient is research and study. May I, as your Sovereign Grand Master, fraternally remind the members of this Order that the Allied Masonic Degrees is not a social segment of the Ancient Graft, but a devoted phalanx of ardent and zealous Craftsmen, who revere the heritage and mystery of the speculative art and rejoice in the opportunity to project its image and discover its invaluable mark on the fraternal sands of time. It is my earnest hope that the growth of the Order continue to be research and study first and the increase in membership safely held in second position.

Harold 0. Elliott, 2nd Past Sovereign Grand Master,  (1979-1980)


History and Background of the Allied Masonic Degrees