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Welcome to my home page!  I am, in the words of Lord Summerisle in the 1974 film "The Wicker Man":

"A Heathen...but not...an unenlightened one."  Please check out my Norse Heathen webpage.

Here's a bit about me: Partnered gay male (19 years as of 20 August 2007.)  DOB: 26 July 1959.  Residence: Lexington KY.  Occupation: Educator.  Hobbies: reading, sci-fi and horror films, gardening, cooking, nature, wildlife, tropical fish, poultry.  'Nuff said.  I'm not one of those folks who posts the gory details of their personal lives online.

I breed an amazing number of very nice fancy guppies in a ten-gallon tank.  To read how, click here.  I do enjoy giving breeding pairs to fellow hobbyists, including beginners.

I am also raising Serama Bantam Chickens (the world's smallest chickens!) and sometimes have eggs and chicks available.  I love bantams and enjoy helping folks get started in the hobby!  I also recently started raising Giant Runt Pigeons (the world's largest domestic pigeons!)   Email me for my location, etc.

I work with other Norse Heathens locally, nationally and internationally, in person, by phone, and via email.  I am particularly active in The Troth and have written regularly for its Heathen journal, Idunna.  My Rune of the Month series was published in Yggdrasil magazine.  I have also been published several times in Marklander Magazine and Lina, the former journal of Frigga's Web.



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