Why You Should

Avoid Ouija Boards


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by Patricia Lafayllve

From Jordsvin: As one of my Heathen teachers told me: Ouija boards generally just contact "the lying trash of the Lower Astral," however you'd define that in terms of Norse cosmology. They are NOT a part of Heathenism or Seidhr; you DON'T need them!

In a discussion on "Why do you hate Ouija boards?" held on my Seidhr list, Patricia Lafayllve replied:

    I hate them due to my firsthand experience. It went something like this:

Age 12 : best friend has one, cool, let's play (shortly became have you hands on it every chance you can)


Age 12 1/2: automatic writing seems faster. drawing fake ouija boards on paper in school during breaks, making them work too.


Age 12 3/4: first full blown posessory experience


Age 13: being followed by a Host of astral 'ghosts.' Make friends with most of them. All my friends are doing it now too, isn't this fun?


Age 131/2: first menses, and that's when things really got ugly. Full blown 'soft head' SEE NOTE AT END OF COMMENTS, automatic writing, posessory experiences with zero control over when/where/how long. Poltergeist activity. The Sight explodes, jumping at shadows all the time. Prophetic dreams and past life experiences. This all lasted throughout high school. In fact I often invited and welcomed 'Them' to come into my body and take over, especially when I did not want to deal with tough situations (insert teen agnst here). I've lost weeks from my memory.

    Finally stopped (by mutual consent) around 20, and I firmly slammed the door. I was 25 when we finally did the last shamanic extraction/soul retrieval in a long series to get everything OUT of me except me, and get ME back inside.

    Now, let's understand I do not think it was the ouija board's fault. It is a tool, just like any other. What *my* problem is, is that it is available at any children's toy store in the US. Children do *not* have the mental discipline to handle the kind of situations which come up when 'the door' in our heads is opened to astral plane things.

    I learned several valuable lessons, and I admit I obviously have a 'knack' toward this kind of work. But it was Years before I could really understand the impact my actions with a ouija board had, and years after that before I was willing to accept 'being ridden' by one of my spirit teachers.

    In my opinion, ouija boards should be treated more like weapons, and less like cool party toys. I refuse to have one in my house.

Definition/clarification: 'Soft head' is in reference to hearing, seeing, smelling and sensing things that weren't There in the ordinary reality sense. Being able to speak to them without any prior ritual or preparation, hearing their voices, taking on their habits unconsciously, simply 'Knowing Things,' etc. It's hard to put into shorthand but I think you get the idea.

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