Intro to Sitting Out/Uti Seta, Spirit Contact


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by Raudhildr


I have stood between a bear and the child it sought to prey on. I have faced down teenage boys harassing an old woman. I have sat in the high seat. I have hunted through the nine worlds. I have healed with rune chants. I have made things grow with them as well. I walk with the dead and the living and have friends among them both.

 I wrote all that so that you won't think I am "talking through my hat" when I answer your question. The following is my opinion, spoken from the experiences above and others not listed.

Start by making friends-- Offer small gifts of food and drink to your ancestors. Leave offerings for the spirits of heroes and the animal folk whom you admire. Be a good guest in the natural world and treat it with respect.

After a season or so of this friend making practice, find a safe time and place to sit out for a night. Have a couple of people you trust with you to take care of manifest, ordinary reality-- fire, food, bug repellent, shooing away people.

Bless the space you choose as strongly as you know how. Make a polite invitation by stating that spirits who wish you well may join you in the out sitting. Spend the night sitting undisturbed listening and paying attention to what is going on about you. breath deeply and evenly, but focus on what is around you. If something speaks, heed it, hear it, ask it if it wishes to aid you in you spirit work. Warn your watchers that you are not to be disturbed except in case of manifest, ordinary reality danger to your person, their persons, or your situation. Set with your watchers a key phrase that you will utter if you need their help or wish their intervention in some way. Make it something that will not seem part of a conversation with the spirits. "My Nike's are full of strawberries" comes to mind.

This process should gather spirits to you who will guard and guide you.

They can lead you further.

This is the beginning process I recommend.



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