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In Summer 1996 I had the occasion to adapt oracular seidhr to help a number of ghosts pass on from a local 200-year-old farmhouse which has been in the same family for over 200 years. This is seidhr for spirit rescue, or as I've been known to call it, "seidhr for de-ghosting." My guide while I was in seidhr-trance and going into Hela's realm was a local Neo-pagan psychic and trance medium whom I had previously briefed in seidhr techniques. I had the enthusiastic permission of the house's owner. The first session was conducted upstairs with just myself and my guide. I journeyed into Hel while my psychic friend, Ramona, talked to the ghosts and asked who would like to pass on but needed help. She took them into herself and grabbed my hand when ready. I was prepared for what followed, but it was still a unique experience. The ghosts passed from her into my left hand, through me, and out my right hand into Hela's kingdom. I felt three pulses in what felt just like a fairly powerful electric shock!

I put in a request while in Hel for family members or Disir to call the ghosts on over to facilitate matters. I saw an old woman with very distinctive features respond to my request. I sketched her later when out of trance, and the farm's owner said "Oh, my God," went to a bedroom closet, and dug out her portrait!

When we went downstairs, she informed me a much larger group of ghosts bound to that part of the house wanted to go too, but I wasn't up to it and we arranged with the house's owner to return at a later date.

Several of the owner's friends came on the agreed-upon date to help raise energy for what promised to be a much more extensive working. All went well until the owner decided to ask a question before the ghost work. I evidently was batting 1000 since she collapsed in tears at the answer and my guide, WHILE I WAS IN DEEP TRANCE, had to go get her settled. When I started feeling a bit cold (it was 80 degrees in that room and I was wearing a normally stifling linen ritual robe) I called my guide back. By the way, I sometimes feel cold after trance work and usually am both exhausted and ravenously hungry. Afterwards(I normally do seidhr after dark) I get a second wind, or as I call it, a "seidhr rush" that sometimes keeps me up until 5 a.m. unless I carefully ground myself about an hour before my intended bedtime. When my guide returned, we finished the spirit rescue and ended the ritual. I was prostrate with exhaustion at the end. I have no idea how many spirits went through, but it felt like I had hold of a live wire in each hand! While doing all this, Hela spoke to me and indicated she would rather not have so many Christian ghosts entering the Afterlife through her realm. She graciously let them by this time, but I had the definite impression that the next time it would be preferable to ask the ghosts' Disir to come back to Midgard with me, and lead the ghosts to where they needed to go via a different route. Your clairvoyant guide would need to keep an eye on the spirits until they to got where they needed to go in that case. I think this would also save wear and tear on the seidhkona or seidhmadhr also! I hope my experiences as a seidhmadhr are of help to you, and would like very much to hear from others doing the same or similar types of trancework.




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