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By Rod Landreth


Ok, I'm reading a really good fiction book and the main thing is that their magick consists of levels trance. the first being of the body and then each consecutive level is actually a compression of time/space/other stuff. That got me thinking on the "levels" I deal with in my "nonordinary" dealings (told you I would steal it Arlie)

My first level is sort of in my body, really getting to know parts of myself (internally, get your mind out of the gutter!) It lead me to thoughts of tolerance of pain, pleasure, strength of mind and will, making cold go away (putting it "over there." Pain is much the same). I saw many applications of martial arts and it's use of Ki (or hamingja ... same difference in my mind) and such.

Ok, next is my immediate surroundings. I quickly called this the Aural level. It's not that far removed from the body and deals with things in that realm ... Reiki and such dealing directly with bodily energies, emotions and thoughts. Simple thought forms. The world, to me, is abound with colour of the various energies it gives off.

The next level is pushing out a little more from there. This is when things begin to look a little weirder. I begin to see the what I define as the Aether that's all around us. I jokingly call it the Force also. Anyway, this level is that of the macro energies to the Aural level's micro energies. Flows happen here, weather of a sorts. all this energy is very reactive. It picks up on what is given to it. Thus a "haunted house" starts reflecting all that "focus" at it. This is also the level where I see the Ley lines and Nodes. I'm still attempting to puzzle out why Ley energy (Eldritch as opposed to Aether) flows in very constricted pipelines. The two energies do affect each other sort of like the pipes thru water in nuclear power plants. The Aether interacts with the Leys thus when a Ley goes thru that "haunted house" it picks up some of the flavor. The Leys also affect the Aether. Really strong Leys totally energize areas of Aether. When this happens a synergistic affect happens creating a Node. It seems to be a point where Ley and Aether interact the closest. These are your forest glades that almost seem magickal, fairy rings, sacred sites. Really big Nodes create Vortices which are Stonehenge, Sedona, and other very well known places where even "concrete heads" feel this. You can affect things at this level that show up "in the real world". I spend a great deal time in this "level." I won't bore you with my experiments and hypothesis. I love to talk about it but seriously this is not some fantasy game or book. I may use the words but the concepts are based pretty firmly in my experiences and perceptions.

A parallel level (me thinks still attempting to work it out) is what I call the Spirit level. Instead of energy, I see the essential spirit. This is where we get all those tales of wights, elves and fairies, boggles and things that go bump in the night. This is where the Tree shows it Dryad. The Stream shows it's Nyad. I can "push" into this level but can't stay for long (thus making me assume this is a deeper level though I'm not certain at all) without going into trance. This is where the spiritist and shaman (in my opinion) see and communicate with these beings. Bargains are done, bindings forced, protectors found. So on so forth. Now this level and the energy level do interact. A "healthy" area has feel good vibes and the spirits are more lively and playful. A "unhealthy" area starts taking on sinister aspects, the Aether shaping the less strong wights. Stronger wights seem to "do things" that promote the Aether and Leys in the area. Near Nodes guardians appear in various forms. It's symbiotic, me thinks. I would love to discuss theories with people more inclined to the spirit than I (I tend deal much better in the energy) If anyone wishes to discuss email me privately.

At the next level is getting into true Trance and one starts encountering Yggdrasil and the Nine worlds. This is what we discuss a lot.

Past this is what I call the Scattered Realms or the Neighborhood. This is the level where the Nine Worlds are but one realm, Mt. Olympus, the Chinese Celestial Court of the Jade Emperor, Paradise and Hell. Yes, I know it sounds like a damn D&D Game. In my deepest trance I've walked to the Borders of some realms. For instance, Hel and Hades share a border so does a very small part of Paradise (Xtain heaven), it's the gate with which you Seidhkona talk to the Xtain relatives. These are the far journeys. I exhaust myself just attempting to find the border as the Nine Worlds I am familiar are well whole worlds! Again I'm interested in discussion at this level also in private.

The last level is only theory and idea. This is the neighborhood of sentience. I think that beyond some veil one travels thru something (deep Aether?) into other realities. Perhaps other planets whole systems of another sentient realms. I don't know, it's only a hope.

There, that's what ... 8 levels. Who thinks I'm nuts, come on make me argue my point. It's only a model but one that works for me. All the way up to the Spirit level I do easily. I'm sure levels of "mastery" at the lower levels produce Astral travel, Aikido masters, and such. I'm still attempting to figure out where the bloody hell the Tapestry is (i.e. Time and Orlog) and how does it interact with the rest of these levels. I know they all interact but in what ways. Have I just played to much D&D and Mage and convinced myself this stuff is out there? or are they taping intosomething greater? What's supported by our Lore ... or other Lore.


I'd like to discuss any of this ... my theoretical landscape. Compare notes. Science tells us that there are many dimensions criss-crossing us as we speak ... are we perceiving them through human filters? Email me privately on any nitty gritty discussion or throw your scorn at my fantasy

on this list.


Rod Landreth



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