Advice for Folks Having

Problems Doing Seidhr


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(by Raudhildr)


    There are several possibilities with your kindred member. One of which is that he was so very sensitive as a child he learned to SLAM the walls down, and now they are "stuck."  Another possibility is that he is a "contrary."  The more he tries to do something, the less ability he has to do it.  Another possibility is that his need to do the thing is not yet great enough to "push him over the edge," so to speak.  There could be other reasons, but these are the main ones I have encountered. You may want to journey with your guides to find out what the problem is and ask for guidance from the God/desses on what action to take.

    The following are some suggestions I know work with the three types:  The way to hand the first is to start by talking with hi/r about safe places and how and where s/he feels safe. Be tangible. Get out paper and crayons, or sculpie or fimo, or watercolors and paper, then have hi/r create a color map or physical representation of what it is to be safe. I realize and acknowledge that this individual may not even be aware of hi/r feeling of not being safe. Just ask hi/r to humor you. When s/he has made something tangible that you can focus on, have hi/r look at it closely. Then remove the object and Have hi/r write a detailed description of whatever was created. Then bring it out again and have hi/r focus on it. At some point, ask hi/r to sit with eyes closed and see the object, image, what have you. Ask hi/r to feel it, smell it, taste it, step into it and out of it. This is a beginning. If the individual is driven enough, s/he will do this without cajoling.

    Then move on to the local wights. As "guide" in this process, you should find a tree, stone, etc, spirit who is willing to work kindly, patiently and compassionately with your kindred member. Then you follow the same process of making an image of safety, with the difference being that the object the wight is affiliated with is incorporated into the representation of the safe place. Follow the same steps, asking hi/r to sit with eyes closed and see the object, image, what have you. Ask hi/r to feel it, smell it, taste it, step into it and out of it. But this time, you add an additional step. Tell hi/r to speak aloud to the wight of the object and say "thank you for coming so respectfully into my safe place."

    You can follow these same steps with the Disir, with the Goddesses (I would start with Sif, personally) and The Gods (my preference would be to begin with Heimdallr or Thor).  Sooner or later, s/he will make contact. It will take patience and commitment on hi/r it's true. One caveat I would offer. Make sure at the end of your "session" you tell the person they are leaving the safe space they created. You may even wish to have an image for exiting safe space. Does this make sense?

    With a contrary, you do things backwards. You should go out and find a body guard spirit who will love and protect the individual and stay in the background during the first part of the kindred member's practice. You will have to make offerings of thanks to strengthen the spirit's connection you your Kindred member. Then, invite your kindred member to talk with you. Play hi/r soft soothing music, give hi/r something soothing to drink and speak softly to hi/r.  Let hi/r know that trance is not a happy place if s/he wants to control things. Tell hi/r that s/he needs to think very carefully about trance before seeking to practice it. Basically, you let h/ir know why you won't be working with hi/r on trance techniques for the nonce. Ask hi/r to go and think carefully about whether sh/e wants to do this work. Offer hi/r "The Way of the Shaman" to read as an example of what the work can be.  And then you get out of the way and trust the protector you found.  This may seem manipulative. Quite frankly it is. But the individual makes the choice at that point. S/he can do nothing with what you have offered. Chances are, sh/e won't.

    The third possibility has to wait for the moment. There are many human beings who can't do something for themselves alone, but can rise to unimaginable heights on behalf of another. The way to reach this sort is to offer a need. The statement, "I need to have another kindred member who can do 'x' with/for me" may be sufficient. It may not. I may take a painful situation on another member's part to bring that person in. When that situation arises, encourage all your kindred members to embracethe strength of the earth and tell the sorrowing member that s/he is loved and held strongly. Ask them to send the strength out to the one in pain. *This* should serve to awaken the ability. I have seen this happen and it is profound. Once it is awake, then it can be trained and shaped in many ways. For a year or so, training does need to be structured so another person benefits at the same time, but after that, the process can be carried into individual practice invoking "I think you might need to try 'z' by yourself for a couple of weeks." Again, this may seem manipulative, but if the individual wants to learn, this is a way to spark the process. There are tons of other techniques for creating a space for the work to happen. If you want to talk about any of this...

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