Rune Pathworking:



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I had a spontaneous rune pathworking occur recently. Here is what my mind perceived during the pathworking.

I relaxed, feeling that something major was about to occur. I performed some relaxation techniques and went to Yggdrasil. Suddenly, from the sky, appeared a giant image. I went out to meet it. It was a giant red Thurisaz rune descending from the sky. I bathed in its radiance and turned around.

I look up, to suddenly notice that I'm in Jotunheim Central! It seems to me that i'm in the middle of a biker bar party! Images of fistfights and hot, steamy sex suddenly fill my mind. After getting my bearings from this, I look up to see Thor at my side and and a young fire giant in front of me. The fire giant asks me if I want to fight. I tell him that I'm not in the mood, but if we did, I know who whe dinner would be. Thor seems to get laugh from this. The fire giant skulks off, disappointed.

Thor then takes me on a journey. We enter a cave somewhere up the road that Thor takes me to. We travel deep into the bowels of the cave. The walls glow florescently. It spirals deep and downward. I look down and see a giant, glowing river of fire. It seems endless. It glows with an eerie radiance. It peaks and flares upward, filling the cavern in a burst of cosmic lava. Thor and I then start upward. As we head up to a darker part of the cave, a strange green plant wraps it's arms around me. It envelops me completely. I nearly suffocate as it smothers me in it's leafy arms. I then feel something being injected into my body. It stings and burns, much like a poison bite. Then, I feel power radiating in me from the bite. It consumes me, like the adrenalin rush of a thousand wild elephants. Then suddenly, the "poison" integrates into my body; no pain, just a sudden awareness that something new is there. And then, the plant lets me go, as quickly as it latched onto me. Thor and I resume walking. During this time, he states that his purpose on this journey is solely as a guide. He does not interfere, but gives me advice if I want to ask for it. We then return to the surface. I see a small red rock with a Thurisaz rune on it. I pick it up and put it in my pocket. Thor then takes off exploring. I then return to Yggdrasil, and then to Midgard.




Created by Chandonn and Jordsvin

all works used by permission of the authors

last modified 07/20/2003