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The following is a new pathworking for the rune Gebo and the god Woden. The writer acknowledges the general myths of Woden, all traditional information regarding Seidhr, and the myths regarding Yggdrasil as references for this meditation/pathworking. Some people may not have very much success with this working, as a certain amount of personal development is needed to travel on Yggdrasil. If you find it useful, then I hope you enjoy this working.

The pathworking begins by achieving a relaxed, meditative state. Careful attention should be paid to breathing. A grounding exercise should be performed previous to the working. Then begin by traveling to your favorite place, then down a northern winding path into a forest. The forest thickens as you approach; you see the trees and bushes achieve a more evergreen state than before. At the center of the forest, A giant Ash tree presents itself. As you approach the tree, a grizzled old man with a long beard walking on a staff presents himself as a guide.

As you and your guide move up the tree, you notice a branch off to the right. Your guide, the god Woden, beckons you to climb upon that branch. Looking from that branch, winds swirl together and a window appears in the skies off in the distance. He beckons you to look into the window. Inside, you see all living things on Earth; people, plants, and animals. A great thread connects them all. Some of the humans have broken or tarnished threads. The humans have secondary threads which connect them to others of their kind; family threads of differing strength appear to connect them. A partner thread runs to another of their kind; this also is of differing strengths. Some of the threads appear natural, some seem to choke the connected person. The people have threads which connect them to animals and plants; some of these threads appear broken or frayed, while others are strong. Woden now tells you that you have seen enough. The winds swirl around, and the window closes.

Woden now beckons you to climb down to the base of the great ash tree. At the bottom of the tree, a gathering of people with gifts has made its presence known. The gift-givers offer gifts to you. They also inform you of the price of those gifts, and that nothing is free (what the gifts will be will vary according to the spiritual and physical needs of the journeyer). "The traveler is free to accept or refuse, but accepting means that the price offered by you is fulfilled", Woden warns as the gifts are offered. After this is complete, Woden beckons you to move on. He has something else to show you.

He points to the northeastern direction. After traveling past a small hill, a clearing presents itself In this clearing, a crossroads appears; it is a pair of earthen, unpaved roads. Woden warns that before following a trail, at least have some idea of your destination. Suddenly, storm clouds appear overhead and a giant bolt of lightning strikes the center of the crossroads. He says, "You often cannot stay in the same place. The universe is forever moving." Woden then tells you that it is time to return to your earthiy home for now. After you say goodbye, he wanders off at amazing speed.

The path upon which you arrived presents itself Wandering through the evergreen forest, the trail


leads southward and upward. After following the trail, you return to your favorite place. From here you find the trail back to the earthly realm and back to where you were sitting.

End pathworking..

I hope you enjoy this pathworking. Special thanks should be given to the whole of the Hammerstead Kindred of Lexington, KY, and especially to Jordsvin, Steve, and Lisa. The copyright for this article has already been asserted. Claim that it is yours at your own legal risk!!



Created by Chandonn and Jordsvin

all works used by permission of the authors

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