Rune 6:

Kenaz / Kaunaz


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Rune Number 6: Kenaz/Kauniz (KEN-az, CAWN-az)

Welcome! Today's rune is Kenaz. Sometimes it is called Kaunaz. Kenaz means a torch. We don't use those much anymore. They are pretty dangerous. Today we use flashlights, which in England are still called "torches." Kenaz is artificial light, like the light you use to read and study by. Sunlight is Sowilo, and that rune comes along a lot later in our journey through the Runes.

Here are some other ways to remember Kenaz: a lighthouse or anything else that points out the way for you has a lot of Kenaz in it. So do batteries. Flashlights sure need those. Anything that has to do with education, like books, also lives into the realm of Kenaz. Education and learning new skillsand knowledge do too. The Vikings were great explorers and discoverers of new peoples, new things, and new lands. Their mighty voyages were another way Kenaz expressed itself in our world. Kenaz is still active that way. Think about the people who went to the moon, and about the International Space Station that is above us right now.

Kenaz is also called Kaunaz. Kaunaz is a sore, like a big infected pimple. Yukk. Gross. Personally, I prefer torches. You'd think that the two wouldn't have anything in common, but they do. A long time ago, in the days of B.P. (Before Penicillin!), when a wound got infected or was bleeding a lot they had to BURN it with a torch to clean it out and so save the person's life! Ouch! Sometimes they used a magical runic spell called a "sleep thorn" to dull the pain. You may want to learn rune magic when you grow up. What you are learning now will really help you with that if and when the time comes!

As Kenaz, this rune lights the way. As Kaunaz, it itches at you till you have to get up off your tail, get moving, and do something about it! So, as you can see, the two meanings of the rune really do work together. They can help us see where we need to go and get us moving in that direction. This can all be hard and scary, but the light of Kenaz also gives hope. Remember how much more comfortable your room can be when a little night light is left on. You can even paint a Kenaz rune on it if you like. Red is the traditional color for writing or painting runes. Be sure to ask your parents for permission first!

Just as Kenaz/Kaunaz has more than one meaning, it can also be used in place of more than one letter in the alphabet. You can use it to write "C," "K," and even "Q." You'd think this would make it confusing when you write in runes, but with a little practice you'll get the hang of it!

And remember, all good aspiring witches and wizards practice their runes daily!

See you next time!



Created by Chandonn and Jordsvin

all works used by permission of the authors

last modified 07/21/2003