Kids Runes

by Jordsvin


    The name of each rune is the oldest one, from the Common Germanic spoken when the runes were first used in Midgard. The meaning(s) in italics in each link is the meaning of the rune's name.  Other interpretations are immediately follow, but they are not an exhaustive list. That's why I'm writing the articles! You will also learn how to write modern English with Runes. I suggest the Rune articles be used in conjunction with fun activities (kids love flash cards if you make them colorful and treat them as a game).  Enjoy!


bullet Introduction to Kids' Runes
bullet Fehu (tame cattle, money, making a living, dairy products, leather, pay, obedience, followers, $$$)
bullet Uruz (wild cattle, strength of will, obstacles, freedom, individuality, uncontrollable things)
bullet Thurisaz (giants, harmful stuff, explosions, pain, fire, getting whacked)
bullet Ansuz (the Heathen/Norse Gods and Goddesses, blessings, good fortune, inspiration)
bullet Raidho (riding, travel, communication, vehicles and the things they transport)
bullet Kenaz/Kaunaz (torch/sore or boil, flashlight or other artificial light, knowledge, education)
bullet Gebo (gift, blending, agreement, exchange, love, sacrifice, sexuality)

The ones below haven't been written yet, but the runic letters and their alphabet equivalents are on each one so you can practice drawing them and writing with them:

bullet Wunjo (joy, happiness, friendship, a big hug from someone you love)
bullet Hagalaz (hail, unexpected disaster, things scattered around, sudden change, accident, unexpected help)
bullet Nauthiz (need, poverty, choking, pressure, arrest, prevention)
bullet Isa (ice, betrayal, blockage, opportunity, unseen danger, cold)
bullet Jera (year, harvest, payback, "reaping what you plant," patience, field abundance, a season)
bullet Eihwaz (yew tree, poison, ghosts, nightmares, bows and arrow, secrets, shadow realms, rebound)
bullet Perthro (dice-cup, well, Wyrd, secret things, tunnels, pregnancy, childbirth, hidden things, mysteries)
bullet Elhaz (moose, hunting, safety, making sacred, honor, royal things)
bullet Sowilo, (sun, good weather, success, warmth, friendliness, winnin, honor, glory, gold, a prize)
bullet Tiwaz (the God Tyr, victory, justice, a battle, weapons, war, victory, combat, competition, male leader)
bullet Berkano (birch tree, a Goddess, pregnancy, growth, renewal, plants, female leader or lover)
bullet Ehwaz (horse, loyalty, vacation/travel for fun, orderly change, driving, seeking)
bullet Mannaz (human being, individual strengths and weaknesses, yourself, the human race)
bullet Laguz/Laukaz (lake/leek=a kind of onion, healing, the unconscious, swimming, body of water, boat, crazy)
bullet Ingwaz, (the God Ingvi Frey, happy home, good luck, husband, fatherhood, men, protection, well-being)
bullet Dagaz (day, daytime, things being revealed or coming to light, paycheck, safety, clarity)
bullet Othala (inherited land and houses, permanent, places, ancestry, inheritance, tradition, owning things)
bullet Kids' Runes Wrap-Up Article


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