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Please note that my Runework is based upon that of Thor and Audrey Sheil, now back in print at and

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Freya Aswynn's Rune Site-as of May '08

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Basic Rune Information


In-depth Rune Articles

Here is a link to my Heathen Discussion list.  Runes are definitely on-topic, and if you have questions on my articles, including Rune-of-the-Month, this would be the best forum in which to bring them up.   I think you need a Yahoo ID to be on the list.  It's easy and free.


Basic Rune Information:

First Steps in Runework - by Jordsvin

Free Rune Gifs from the Sanfords

Ingeborg's Site; has her rune articles, including pictures of the Runes

Kids' Runes! by Jordsvin

A series to help young people learn about runes! Under construction, several installments now completed.

A Poem on the Rune Isa - by Badger


A compilation of materials on Runes with an overall academic emphasis.

Rune Gild USA


In-depth Rune Articles:

Rune-of-the-Month Club Articles

This series, now complete, is my complete introduction to the Elder Futhark.  By reading all the articles and the historical background books mentioned in the Intro and Wrap-Up articles, and following the instructions in my "First Steps in Runework" article above, you can teach yourself Runework!  Many of these articles are reprinted from "Rainbow Wind" MagazinePlease note that my Runework is based upon that of Thor and Audrey Sheil, now back in print at and

Rune to Stanza Correspondences from the Havamal

Back in the days when Hammerstead Kindred was active, we brainstormed the Rune Stanzas (146-164 of the Havamal) to decide which Runes we would use in each of those cases.  While the Armanen Runic System consists of 18 Runes, one for each of these stanzas (163 has no Runic spell in it), we reached tentative conclusions of a very different nature.

The Rune Poems: all three, bilingual!

Runes, Alphabet of Mystery, has extensive Runecasting layouts

The Runic Journey; historical information, good picture of the Runes

Rune Pathworking: Gebo - by Badger

Rune Pathworking: Thurisaz - by Badger

Rune-Relevant passages from the lore

The Runic Inscriptions's Rune Study Page, thanks Sandra

Please note that the brief blurbs on her page for each Rune were not written by me nor do they reflect my runework. I believe that they were copied from public domain materials.

Suggested "Field Trips" for Runic Study - by Jordsvin

Wednesbury Rune Pages

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