Havamal Stanza to Rune Correspondences


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The following are very tentative conclusions reached by Hammerstead Kindred in a brainstorming session.  Those in parentheses were especially tentative.  I hope you find them useful and informative:

In no way do I discourage anyone from exploring and working with the Armanen system. However, my own take on the Havamal stanzas in question (146-164 in the Hollander edition of the Poetic Edda, with 163 not having a spell/use associated with it) is that they are more a list of "some things that you can do with Runes" than anything else. I don't see them as a system of stanza to individual Rune correspondence. I do however recommend Freya Aswynn's reading of these stanzas, with the associated Rune being galdered after each in her recording "Songs of Yggdrasil."

Brainstorming with Heathens years back at a kindred meeting on this topic led to the following very tentative conclusions:

Stanza         Rune(s)

146. Ansuz, Elhaz

147. Laguz, Nauthiz, Berkano

148. Elhaz, Nauthiz, Isa

149. Uruz, Thurisaz

150. Nauthiz, Isa

151. Eihwaz, Thurisaz

152. Laguz, Isa

153. Wunjo, Gebo

154. Isa, Sowilo

155. Thurisaz, Eihwaz, Laguz

156. Elhaz, Tiwaz, Sowilo

157. Eihwaz, Perthro, Laguz, Ansuz

158. Elhaz, Uruz

159. Ansuz, Kenaz

160. Sowilo, Tiwaz, Ansuz

161. Gebo, Wunjo, (Uruz), Berkano, Ingwaz

162. Gebo, (Tiwaz), (Othala)


164. Ansuz, Perthro, Laguz


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