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"A Journey to Noatun, the home of Njordh"

by Jordsvin

Greatly inspired by Vol. V of The Road to Bifrost by Thor and Audrey Sheil, back in print at:


This journey should be especially do-able for those who have experienced a session of Hrafnar-style oracular Seidhr. Prepare by relaxing. A bath with some sea salt and maybe some rosemary (="sea-dew") might be nice. Light a few candles, and burn an incense that puts you in mind of the Sea. Woodsy scents are fine too, and according to Thorr and Audrey Sheil, Saturdays seem to be the best day to work with Njordh. Put on a drumming tape with the volume turned down low if you like. If you are making the trip alone, you may journey on your memory of these directions, or you may tape the journey and play it. If a group is journeying together, one should drum and another narrate.

Begin by journeying in your mind to a place in Nature sacred to you. It may be near or far. It may exist now or only in the past, or even in your own dreams and imagination. That matters not. You journey there easily, and find a path to follow. It leads into a wood. Follow the path; you will note that the trees grow taller and their canopy fuller, and the bushes beside the path do likewise, until you are walking around and down through a green tunnel.

A light appears far ahead, at the end of the tunnel and grows larger until you enter a grassy clearing. There you meet any spirit guides and/or power animals you work with. Feel the sun on your back and the grass beneath your feet as you walk to the end of the clearing, and enter a cave mouth. Your way is lit by light from the cave walls, and your footing is secure. Around and down, around and down you go until you see another point of light, which becomes the cave's exit.

You cross a shallow stream and then walk across a grassy plain. This is a good place to seek power animals. You may see forests, mountains and sea in the distance, but what most catches your attention is an absolutely enormous Tree. The wisest know not whence its roots spring, and you cannot see the end of the Tree up in the clouds. The trunk is larger than the largest redwood. This is Yggdrasil, the World Tree.

Under a root of the Tree is a cave. You enter it and travel Northward and upward. The tunnel is made up in different places of wood, stone, and soil. You find enough light, and have good footing and plenty of energy for your journey. You approach a bridge and see Heimdall. You explain why you are there, and if he silently stands aside, you may enter Asgard. You journey through a broad green Land toward a fjord of the sea. You may see mountains. There by the shore, you see well-built but somewhat weather-beaten buildings of huge size. You will notice ships and all the activities associated with earning a (peaceful) living from the sea.

Approach the building that looks like a dwelling-hall. Go inside; there is enough light for you to see and you feel welcome, even though you feel a bit like a child because of the sheer size of everything within. In the High Seat of the building is Njordh. Greet him respectfully but with head held high and be sure to make eye contact. Do likewise with Skadhi if you see her there.

What happens next is up to you. A warm welcome is most likely. Feel free to make respectfully but without groveling any requests you have of Njordh. Listen carefully to what he has to say. Take a seat if invited to do so. Look around for one your size! Njordh loves to tell of what is going on in Asgardh. Noatun is the best place to ask about your standing with the other Gods and Goddesses, and with Asgardh as a whole. According to Thorr Sheil, what Njordh says to you during your visits to Noatun is very often a very accurate allegory of events concerning you in the phenomenal world, including underlying forces and processes. Make the best of your time here; it can be most useful. Njordh's friendship is among the easiest, but potentially one of the most useful in all of Asgardh and Vanaheim!

When you feel it is time to go, say goodbye and thank-you to Njordh and anyone else you interacted with in Noatun. Return to Midgardh and your body the way you came. If you experience any confusion, look to your power animals and/or other spirit guides. You will find the journey home to be no burden and will feel refreshed and relaxed when you return to your body. Any tiredness you feel will be of the pleasant sort.

Eat a nourishing meal and make a small offering to Njordh. This would be a good time for a seafood dinner! If you have made the journey alone, record it on tape or in writing while the experience is fresh on your mind. If with a group; discuss your journey with your traveling companions and listen to what they experienced. Note with special care areas of overlap not explainable by the shared guided journey, and make sure all participants are fully grounded and completely returned from the journeywork you just did. Hope to see you often in Noatun!

Created by Chandonn and Jordsvin

all works used by permission of the authors

last modified 08/14/2007