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The Gods


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The series consists of a combination of scholarly articles, personal experiences, and directions for doing journeywork for you to meet our Gods, Goddesses, and other Holy Wights for YOURSELF!  My own work with the Gods and Wights has been very strongly influenced by the writings of Thor and Audrey Sheil, especially by Vol. 5 of their Road to Bifrost series, now back in print at

bullet Alfar from a Freysgodhi's Perspective Placed in Paths to the Gods because they are worshipped.
bulletAlfar (el articulo de arriba) en castellano
bulletBragi, God of Poets, written 8/04          En castellano
bullet Deities of the Sea
bullet Germanic Heroes, written 4/04
bulletGuardians and Totems
bulletFreyr Article
bullet Njordh Journeywork
bullet Ostara Article
bullet Some Observations on the Goddess Freya
bullet Two Books of Interest to Scholars of Freya
bulletTyr and Justice
bulletWayland Smith, written 7/04 (not seen as a God by all Heathens
bulletHeimdallr, written 5/08

Created by Chandonn and Jordsvin

all works used by permission of the authors

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