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Mead Recipes:

Background note: this recipe originally came from Steve McNallen, I believe.  My own innovation is to substitute two bottles of pomegranate syrup/molasses for the acid blend and the tannin.  My Pomegranate Mead has won THREE mead-tasting contests at Asatru Moots!  Please note that while the "regular" mead is usually bubbling away (bubbles passing through the water in the fermentation lock) in a day or two, it may take four or five days for the pomegranate mead to start bubbling.  No idea why, but worth the extra brewing time! You'll need the following:

1 gallon or ten pounds honey. You need to get it in bulk at a health food store (bring own container) or from a beekeeper; costs out the wazoo in little jars. Sam's Club is another option.  I'd use the cheaper, generic honey for the pomegranate mead, since the pomegranate flavor is so strong.  If you have some really nice, flavorful honey, go the acid blend and tannin route so you can savor the honey's unique characteristics.

A little over two gallons of spring water (comes in 2 1/2 gallon containers).

4 TABLESPOONS of acid blend

1 TABLESPOON of yeast nutrient

three-fourths of one TEASPOON of tannin (an oak bark derivative)

1 package of champagne wine yeast

Mix all ingredients and pour into a 3 gallon carboy (glass jug). Insert rubber cork with hole in middle. Put water into FERMENTATION LOCK and insert into hole in rubber cork. Leave in kitchen where nice and warm. Remove cork in about a month and a half, and siphon out contents into other containers (NOT plastic ones), being careful to avoid the sludge at the bottom of the carbouy.  Be sure to mix 1/2 teaspoon of potassium sorbate per gallon of mead in a little spring water and add it to the bottles you are putting siphoning it into.  This will stop secondary fermentation and possible fun explosions!  Use plastic tubing about the thickness of your little finger. Let age at least two more months before drinking. Can store in basement at this point.

My version contains the pomegranate molasses/syrup (2 bottles of approximately 10 ounces each) INSTEAD OF the acid blend and tannin. You may be able to get the pomegranate molasses (also called pomegranate syrup) at a health food store or at a Middle Eastern food store. What this is is the juice of the pomegranate fruit boiled down into a thick, all-natural syrup.  In Iran, they use it to cook chicken of all things! Bottle, cork, fermentation lock, acid blend, and tannin you should be able to get at Liquor Barn. If they don't have it; ask about stores selling home brewing supplies. You can get the tubing at a pet store.

Warning, Will Robinson!  DANGER!  DANGER!  To keep your mead bottles from exploding, use strong glass bottles or add a fermentation stopper  such as potassium sorbate (available at stores selling brewing supplies)

If the resultant mead is not strong enough for you?  Well, all is not lost!  "Freeze-distillation" of mead and other alcoholic brews is easy, legal (in most areas) and safe.  Fill a milk or other jug about 3/4 full and put the lid on.  Freeze for at least twelve hours.  When it has lots of ice (may be slushy), strain through a colander.  Keep the mead and put it back in the jug and back into the freezer.  Save as much of the alcohol as possible, put the colander full of ice/slush back in the freezer with a container under it.  Don't leave it out or the ice will melt; foiling the whole purpose of the project.  Get the slush and container out a few times and move the slush around to help the mead drain.  Pour the good stuff in the jug and discard the ice.  Repeat twice.



Created by Chandonn and Jordsvin

all works used by permission of the authors

last modified 03/21/2004