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Regional, National, and International Organizations


Kindreds: Local and Regional


Heathen Information Sources


Products and Services


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Products of Interest to Heathens


Heathen Lonely Hearts Sites


Other Sites of Interest


Regional, National, and International Organizations:

American Vinland Association

I belong to this group and write for its magazine, Yggdrasil.

Angelseaxisce Ealdriht (Anglo-Saxon Heathens)

Asatru Ring Frankfurt Germany (has English pages)

Eldaring/Troth Gemany

Forn Sidr Denmark (bilingual English/Dansk)

Frigga's Web

I belong to this group.  As of 3/04 this group is in the process of being reactivated.  There is lots of info on their site.

Hoosier Heathen Alliance

Icelandic Asatru Association Page (in Icelandic)

A statement of their beliefs in English.

National Prison Kindred Alliance

This fine org is engaged in the vital task of getting quality information on our religion into the hands of more than 11,000 incarcerated Heathens in North America.  They have reprinted many of my works in their publication, The Saga.

Nederlands Heidendom (Holland)

The (Ring of )Troth Page

I am a very active member of this Heathen group, and highly recommend it.  I write regularly for Idunna. Please note that "The Troth" is our official name.  Adios, "Ring of"! Makes an AWFUL acronym!  The Troth offers a great annual gathering, a members' email list, a clergy program, a clergy e-mail list, a wonderful Heathen magazine (Idunna) and much much more!

The Rune-Gild

Sagrado Fuego en México


Kindreds: Local and Regional to Kentucky:

The following listing is by no means complete, nor is it meant to be.  If you don't find something in your area, click here.  Irminsul Aettir has a HUGE listing of local groups and other contacts.  The Troth has a regional Stewards program accessible from The Troth's link.  If you'd like me to add a link to your group here, please e-mail me and put "Link Request" in the subject heading.  Kentucky and Kentucky area Heathens feel free to join Trothkentucky list to keep up with what is going on.

Great Ash Kindred (Columbus OH)

Helgafell Kindred (Atlanta GA area)

KaerHrafnr Kindred (St. Louis MO)

Kindred Spirits (Cincinnati Ohio)

Ravenswood Kindred (Indianapolis IN)

Thrudheim Kindred (E. Tennessee)

Ulfr Kindred (Lexington KY)

[Jordsvin is a member of this group.]

Wolves Wod Kindred, Evansville IN


Heathen Information Sources:

Angelseaxisce Ealdriht's Heathen Counseling Page

Anglo-Saxon Heathenism Page

The Asatru Archive


Asatru Code

Asgards Hedninge Info

[Find and click on the British flag to get to the English version! ]

Ask the Hof Lady: Heathen Advice, an MSN Web Community

[If it doesn't download the first time, click reload.  No adult content, despite the blurb that may pop up!]

Barbarian's Page of Norse Paganism

Book of Deities Norse Results

English/Old Norse Dictionary (free)

Georgetown University's Old English Pages

The Heathen Pages

Holy Names of Odin: over 100; each stands for an aspect of Odin

Icelandic and Heathen  Names

Irminsul Aettir Asatru Page: tons of info and great contact section

Jenny Blain's Excellent Heathen Page

Karl Donaldsson's Page

Marklander Magazine, lots of info

Ninefold Right of Life Renewal by Winifred Hodge Rose

Norns and Disir Article

Norse Mythology Web Page

The Norse Pages

"Our Troth" - large, great, free online Heathen book

[Brought to you by The Troth]

En espanol (bajo construccion, pero hay varios capitulos ya traducidos).

Ragnheid's Heathen poems and songs

Ravenbok - great, free, shorter Heathen Book!

Odindis' Heathen Yule Page

Sacred Texts Site, go to Legends and Sagas sub-heading

Vanic Ve

Viking Answer Lady's New Site


[This is Vanir worship with an English flavor, and despite the name is NOT a Norse Wiccan site.]

Woden's Harrow; old and modern texts, pictures, more great info!


Products and Services:


For Sale By Heathens


Products of Interest to Heathens


Heathen Lonely Hearts Sites

For Sale By Heathens:


Onkel Thor's Heathen Books

MY PERSONAL FAVORITE!  These books by Onkel Thor  have been the largest influence on my development as a Heathen and have been extensively referenced in just about every article I've written!  Some of them are now back in print; and more will soon follow: get them!!!


For Sale by Freya Aswynn

Free downloads plus her products!


Eric Wodening's Book: Rites of Heathendom

Folkway Tradehall (Heathen Craftsfolk, non-political)

Frigga's Web Bookstore

Gwyd's Forge

The good folks at Gwyd's Forge were kind enough to send me a number of examples of their Norse/Heathen jewelry; they do excellent work!  Thank you very much, y'all!

Heathen Books by Heathens on

Titles include: Nine Worlds of Seidh-Magic: Ecstasy and Neo-Shamanism in North European Paganism by Jenny Blain (book has my personal endorsement), and Goddess of the North: A Comprehensive Exploration of the Norse Goddesses, from Antiquity to the Modern Age by Lynda C. Welch.  Swain Wodening's book is now there as well.

Heathen Designs

Heathen Vendors e-list

Hex Magazine: Heathen Sustainable Living and More!

Misseristal: The Pagan Icelandic Calendar, issued yearly

Nine Rings Publishing

Onkel Thor's Model Railroading Site

Lots of FREE downloads too!

Ordhasafn of Gamlinginn, a modern Heathen Classic (e-mail link)

This wonderful modern Heathen classic is once again available.  As of May '08 they are available for postage costs!  Please email them at before sending money!

Othala Hearth
PO Box 35
Alameda, CA 94501

1 copy $3.00

2-4 copies $5.00

Box of 28 $7.23

In case you don't know about this great little resource, Gamlinginn published a compendium of Asatru and other stuff 13 years ago which graces the shelves of a lucky few. It's been out of print for ages and for this printing we also added many of Gamlinginn's articles & editorials.  If you have further questions, please use the e-mail link above.

Pagan Supply Store

A store run by a Pagan friend of mine with a real and ongoing interest in our Gods and Goddesses.

Runa Raven Press

Rune Readings by Freya Aswynn!

Rune Readings by my friend Ingeborg (e-mail link)

Swain Wodening's Book on Anglo-Saxon Heathenry

Once there, search by title for "Hammer of the Gods."  Sorry, seller's web page can be a bit quirky, but the book is great.

Theod's Catalog: lots of books & more w/ an Anglo-Saxon focus

Tru Spirit CD by Raven Kindred North

White Hart Forge, a Heathen Blacksmith Shop in Portland Oregon

World Tree Publications (Asatru Alliance)

Not on my "political" wavelength but they have plenty of good stuff.

Wyrd's Way

Buy lots of stuff here to help support the National Prison Kindred Alliance and related ministries.  I support this vital work and have ordination papers through them.

Products of Interest to Heathens:

Claw, Antler & Hide Co., Quality Legal Animal Parts, Custer SD

CLPW Leather and Leathercraft Supplies, Memphis TN

Edward R. Hamilton Online

[Search this site, which sells publisher's remnants at great prices, for many books of interest to Heathens!]

Germanic Jewelry Page, in German but easy to figure out

Norse Jewelry from the Shetland Islands

Swedish Amber Museum


Heathen Lonely Hearts Sites:

Ealdriht Personals



Other Sites Of Interest:

Pink Pistols: Gay Gun Owners' Group

[Yes, I'm a Unitarian Universalist who is against gun control!]

Unitarian Universalist Church of Lexington KY

[A spiritual home for individuals of all belief systems.  I'm an active member.]

Sacred Sites UK: a Pagan/Heathen group working to preserve old sites

[Many Heathens/Pagans in the United Kingdom are once again worshipping at old sacred sites!]

Military Pagan Network

[Heathens tend not to be pacifists!]

Pagan World Report: lots of news!


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