Jordsvin's Heathen Poetry


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First of all, some poems also linked from The Hammerstead Kindred Blotbook:

A Poem on Frey's Boat "Skidhbladhnir"

This would be great for a blot to any or all the Vanir!

A Poem on the Liberation of Lindisfarne

          Lindisfarne Day is celebrated on June 8th and marks the beginning of the Viking Era.

Sigrdrifumal Prayer

          Sigrdrifumal Prayer, Jordsvin's version.  "Hail Day!  Hail the Sons of Day!"

Filk Songs also linked from my fun stuff page:

Nidhogg Gnaws the Little Nithlings

To the tune of "Jesus Loves the Little Children..."

Odin Wants Me

To the tune of "Jesus Loves Me..."

Viking Gopher Guts Song

To the tune of the childrens' song "Gopher Guts..."

The Wild Hunt Song

Also known as "The Viking Funeral Song."

To the tune of "The Worms Crawl In..."

This one is from my Seidhr work:

Poem - "Seidhr"

Now, for some more poems:

This is a poem to Friagabi, a Valkyrie or "minor Goddess" known from inscriptions left in England by Germanic mercenaries serving in the Roman army.  I have found that she is helpful in providing individuals a way out of abusive relationships.

Gladly give I
Glittering coins nine.
Going downward
Into glistening water
Show they their giver

These are for/to Loki.  I don't do a lot of Loki work per se, but pour to him when I offer to Odin on Wednesdays.  Odin swore never to accept a drink unless Loki got one too.  I have seen disaster result when this is not observed at sumbel.  In such cases, one of the following should set things right.  I have found Loki very helpful from time to time:

Loki, Lord of every guile
Leave us here in peace a while;
here's a drink, great Cosmic jester;
find some other folks to pester!
Loki, master of all guile
Handsome son of Leafy Isle
And Farbauti's bairn forbodin'
You blood-brother of great Odin!
Here's a toast to your word-might;
Now go torment some other wight!

Here are some Heathen Haiku I wrote:


Bread broken on stones
Offer the God to himself
Ale poured into stream.

Here's another:

Birth Life Death Rebirth
Woden writhes on the World Tree
Norns weave Wyrd by Well.

Here's a naughty one for Asa-Thorr:

Thor's Hammer strikes home.
Jesus screams in agony.
The score is settled.

This Haiku is for Nerthus:

Into Earth I go
With calm and peace like newborn
Babe at Mother's breast.

And these, for Odin:

Screaming on World Tree
The High One's Gifts are not free
Here comes the Spear now.
Gallows Load and Lord
One becoming the Other
Whose hand wove the rope?

Ever met a Heathen who didn't like amber?:

Cherry sap oozing
In a million years becomes
Amber, just maybe.

Not precisely a poem, but I wrote this meal blessing honoring Nerthus and the lives which make up the meal:

Earth, Holy Mother,
I eat this food with gratitude,
Knowing that others have died
That I might live.
Life, as it must, feeds on Life.
When my turn comes
To be eaten, rather than to eat,
may I go willingly.

Same dedication, in a more poetic tone:

Ancient Goddess, Mother Earth;
Holy Nerthus gives us birth.
When our days come to an end;
Mother calls us back again.

I wrote this for a Heathen couple's wedding.  After reciting the following, I raised the horn, toasted the Bride and Groom, and passed the horn first to her, then to him:

I hallow this horn of mead
To Gods and Goddesses
High and Holy
Aesir and Vanir
First known in the North
Frigga and Odin
Thorr and Sif
Freya and Freyr
Balder and Nanna
Disir and Alfar
Bless this Wedding.


Created by Chandonn and Jordsvin

all works used by permission of the authors

last modified 03/17/2005