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Paths to the Gods Series

This series consists of a combination of scholarly articles, personal experiences, and directions for doing journeywork for you to meet our Gods, Goddesses, and other Holy Wights for YOURSELF!

Jordsvin's Heathen Poetry

A Howe-Dweller's Dream, a Poem/Story by Jordsvin     En castellano

Asatru Clergy: Jordsvin's Perspective

This article is a comment to an article published by Garman Lord of Theod in the issue of Marklander Magazine that came out in late September 2001 (#55 = Vol VII, No. 7).  Its editor can be reached here. I encourage folks to subscribe to Marklander!

Asatru, Proto-Religions, and Garman Lord's New Comments

In reference to the Yule 2001 Marklander: Our exchange of letters continues.  Garman tried to clarify things and only managed to stir things up even more.  These are PROBABLY my last comments on the subject.  This article was not published to avoid stirring things up further.  Lavrans eventually ended ties with Garman.

Germanic Heroes (written in April 2004)

A Germanic Pagan Looks at the Ten Commandments

Heathen and Pagan

Heathen Music

Heathen Prison Ministry

Heathenism and Abortion

Heathenism and That Other Religion

Heathenism and the Ancestors

Heathenism and Compassion

Hofs and Harrows

Inter-Heathen Relationships

Me and The Troth, We Go Way Back

A description of my ongoing involvement in a fine Heathen organization.

Musings on Fire and Ice

My Take on the "Folkish" Matter

I've gotten a lot of comments on the above article!  I have finally concluded, long after writing this article, that I am roughly classifiable as "Soft Folkish."  That means that I consider ethnic origin a perfectly good reason to choose one Pagan/Heathen religion over another, but do not see it as the only factor.

Nipping Trouble in the Bud

On Being a Freysgodhi

Psychic Self Defense

(also see Wards 101)

Race, Sexual Orientation and Heathenry: a call for a Moratorium!

Wards 101

(also see Psychic Self Defense)


Book and Other Reviews by Jordsvin:

Book Review - Anglo-Saxon Paganism

Book Review - Fire and Ice by Dr. Flowers/Edred Thorsson

Book Review - Gods, Heroes, and Kings: The Battle for Mythic Britain

Book Review - Nordic Religions in the Viking Age

Book Review - Norse Mythological Dictionaries

Book Review - Norwegian Stave Churches

Book Review - Pagan Religions of the Ancient British Isles

Book Review - Rites and Religions of the Anglo-Saxons

Book Review - The Runes of Elfland

Book Review: Two Books of Interest to Scholars of Freya

Book Review: Vikings Maze Book

Book Review - Weland: Smith of the Gods

From the Sublime to the Ridiculous: Two Book Reviews by Jordsvin

Review - Misseristal: The Pagan Icelandic Calendar (issued yearly)


Other Articles By Jordsvin:

Christianity as an Issue in the Lesbigay/Transgendered Community

And now for something a tad different: a Gay Heathen Godhi = Priest (yours truly) looks at getting along with Gay Christians.

Christianity Not an Unmixed Blessing

I wrote this article in December 1999 in response to an article in the University of Kentucky's student newspaper.  The original article was basically a well-meaning column from a Christian who deplores hatred but who still sees Jesus as the "only way into heaven."  My response is essentially this (gay) Heathen's view of the Christian faith.  I went out of my way to be nice!

Breeding Fancy Guppies

           (Not surprisingly, this Freysgodhi dos a bit of "Urban Farming"!)

Now that the Election is Over: a Call to Reflection--and Action

        (Written after the Y2K presidential election but just as valid now after the 2004 one.)

There are also some songs and stories by Jordsvin on the Fun Stuff page!

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