Vikings Maze Book (Paperback)

By Stephen Axelsen

Published by Little Hare Books

Reviewed by Jordsvin

     I was first made aware of this delightful little book by way of an email from, sent to me because of my browsing/purchasing history there.  It technically isn’t supposed to be released until June 1, 2010, but I had no trouble finding a copy for around six dollars from one of Amazon’s affiliate marketers, which will appear with Amazon’s own listing of the book when you search for it there.  In addition, the price I paid was two dollars less than Amazon’s!  Shipping in the USA runs around four dollars.

     While the book is specifically intended for readers aged nine through twelve, I very much enjoyed it myself!  The story the maze book tells is as follows: One of Idunna’s apples falls out of Asgard and lands in a pigpen in the rather dreary village of Mirkmudd.  A hero must return it whence it came.  Byff Thunkersen and his friends agree to do so, and their adventures form the basis of the mazes.  These are set in the following realms: the Midgard Sea, Jotunheim, Muspellheim, Niflheim, Franangr Falls of the River Gjöll (incidentally, this is where Loki hid from the Gods in the form of a salmon), Helheim, Svartalfheim, Alfheim, “Aegirheim” (more correctly known as the Hall “Brime” near Hlesey), and finally, Asgard.  Our heroes must find nine more of Idunna’s golden apples (one in each maze leading up to Asgard), and finally, upon arriving in Asgard, they have the final task of finding the apple tree from which they came and return them there.

     The story is introduced by a three-page comic strip, and is wrapped up by two more pages of comics at the end.  I’m not very good with mazes, so I was delighted to see that the solution to each one can be found at the end of the book!

     The quality of the artwork is very good, and the paper used is thick, tough and glossy, making the book not at all fragile and relatively hard to stain, and I suspect that readers of all ages would enjoy copying and/or adapting some of the art it contains, and might even come up with alternative mazes and adventures!  I recommend this little book (32 unnumbered pages not counting the covers) to Heathens of all ages, and think it would be especially fun for families to work on the mazes together!  Vikings Maze Book is a lot of mythological fun at a very reasonable price!



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