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Basic Asatru Material


More Specialized Asatru Information


Core Asatru Texts


The Norse Spiritual Experience


Mead (Honey-Wine)


Runes (Norse-Writing & Divination)


Creative Writing By Heathens (articles and comments, with a bit of poetry and fiction)


Basic Asatru Material:

\|/ Asatru, an Ancient Religion Reborn - by Jordsvin, good reading list

[Une version de l'article en français]

\|/ Asatru Historical Time-Line

\|/ Asatru in Prison

\|/ Asatru U(niversity) Online, from Frigga's Web

\|/ Our Troth Online, old version, via wayback machine!

Very good older material that I easily found via

BTW: this shows that you should never put anything anywhere on the Internet that you don't want to leave your control and stay out there forever!

More Specialized Asatru Information:

\|/ Anglo-Saxon Ealdriht Gods Page

\|/ Chapter 1 of Teutonic Religion by Gundarsson, w/ editor's approval

\|/ "Germanic Paganism: An Introduction"- by Jordsvin

\|/ "Her Stend Ek" - Affirmation - by Gamlinginn

\|/ Huginn and Muninn: the Heathen and Asatru Search Engine

[Tons of good information!]

\|/ Interview with the late Sveinbjorn B., Icelandic Asatru Pioneer

\|/ Is Asatru an Earth Religion: comments by Jordsvin & Jenny Blain

\|/ "Lesbigays in Germanic Paganism" - by Jordsvin

\|/ The Nine Noble Virtues of Asatru with Commentary

\|/ Our Troth en castellano, partialmente traducido

\|/ "The Pentagram and the Hammer" by Devyn Gilette and Lew Stead

This article explains the relatively few similarities and many differences between Wicca and Asatru/Heathenism and clears up many misconceptions!

\|/ "What is Asatru?" by Gamlinginn

Skvala Page, many good Heathen articles

Wyrd from Anglo-Saxon Ealdriht's Page

On Wyrd by Eric Wodening

Some Non-English-Language Resources, On and Offsite


Core Asatru Texts:

The Eddas: Essential Texts

Other Germanic Texts


The Norse Spiritual Experience:

The Hammerstead Kindred Blotbook

This is a collection of Blots we did at Hammerstead, containing rituals for the entire year, and more. Check it out!  Partiellement traduite en franšais!

Seidhr / Spae

Includes information on quarterly Oracular Seidhr sessions in the Lexington, Kentucky, USA area.  Please e-mail me for more info.  Please see my Seidhr page for a link to my Seidhr Study list on Yahoogroups.

Seidhr Articles are also available in several translations here.

Paths to the Gods Series

This series consists of a combination of scholarly articles, personal experiences, and directions for doing journeywork for you to meet our Gods, Goddesses, and other Holy Wights for YOURSELF!

Mead (Honey-Wine):

Making Mead - Jordsvin's Mead Recipes

Heathens past and present tend to be very partial to mead, putting it to both religious (sumbels, blots and other offerings) and secular uses! For lots more mead recipes, check out Mad About Mead at


Runes (Norse-Writing & Divination):

Rune Pages

These are Rune-of-the-Month and Kids' Runes (in the Kids Stuff section).  Please note that my Runework is based upon that of Thor and Audrey Sheil, now back in print at and


Creative Writing By Heathens:

Heathen Creative Writing and Articles (not much fiction)

Jordsvin's Asatru Writing

This is not a complete list of my Asatru writings.  Some are linked from the Hammerstead Kindred Blotbook, Pages and Links about Runes, and Pages and Links about Seidhr.


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