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The Goddess Eir

[by "El"]

Knowest How to Write, Knowest How To Read...

[Scholarly Article]

[by Cara Hoglund]

Magick  Among Children

[by Patty Lafayllve]

The Nature of Religious Bigotry

[by Swain and Eric Wodening]

On UPG's (Unsubstantiated Personal Gnosis)

[by Carol Robe]

This is what Roman Catholics call "Private Revelations."  People acquire perspectives of their own in the course of their Heathen work; but how does one integrate it with the historical sources/lore of our religion?

On Wyrd

[by Badger]

Loki's Advocate

[from Vitki List, posted by permission]

Tract: There Is One God...

[by Thorr Sheil. Since he said to copy and distribute it, I guess it's fine to put it here.  Very good for annoying Fundamentalists; also distinguishes Heathenism and Christianity very succinctly.]

A Poem on Odin and Computers

[by Badger]

A (Re-)Heathenization of the Swedish Lucia Ritual

[by Raudhildr]

Twelve Days of Yuletide, Heathen Versions

A Viking Christmas Poem: just for fun!

A Statement from Badger on the Events of 9/11

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