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Jordsvin's Fiction, Heathen and Otherwise:

Loki's Date with the "Virgin" Mary

Chicken Abductions: a Fowl Tail

Cthulhu Cult Infiltrates the Catholic Church

Fun Stuff:

Hobbit Name Generator: we'll steal back what Tolkein stole from us!

Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer in Old English!

Tafl Page (Norse Board Games)

Viking Hamsters

Viking Kitties

[The following are "just for fun" but who knows; they might be of help in seeking  your Heathen name, should you wish to have one (IMHO they are entirely optional; the name you were born with is fine unless maybe it's "Christian" or something of that ilk!) ]

Viking Name Generator

Viking Name Generator (even better)

Traditional Songs:

Yuletide Carol: "The Holly and the Ivy"


Filk Songs:

Nidhogg Gnaws the Little Nithlings

To the tune of "Jesus Loves the Little Children..."

Odin Wants Me

To the tune of "Jesus Loves Me..."

Viking Gopher Guts Song

To the tune of the childrens' song "Gopher Guts"

The Wild Hunt Song

Also known as "The Viking Funeral Song."

To the tune of "The Worms Crawl In..."

The Ballad of  "Saint" Olaf

a Poem/Song by Steve Wilson

NeoPagans On Parade

a reaction by Steve Wilson to the more bizarre side of Pagan culture


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all works used by permission of the authors

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