Neopagans On



Neopagans On Parade

(To the tune of "Teddy Bear's Picnic")


(Note from Jordsvin: ** and *** are for the Earthlink Terms of Service Crew!)


If you go to the grove today
You're going to have a scare;
There's people there wearing nothing at all.
With sparkle-ees in their hair,
They're waving swords and dancing about
With everything they've got hanging out
But don't flip out,
The Pagans are having a ga-a-athering!
They've set up a shop with crystals and rocks
And a tent where you can get l**d.
They'll tell you all the secrets they learned
From a "book that their Granny made."
They're draped in baubles down to their knees
Like Busby Berkeley refugees,
Oh help me please!
The Pagans are having a ga-a-athering!
Chorus: Neopagans on parade
Flapping their t**s and waving their d***s at everyone.
Here it's easy to get l**d,
Trying to c**e while beating a drum is so much fun!
Neopagans on parade,
Never amused and gender-confused as they can be,
But you mustn't be afraid,
No magic is ever made,
By NeoPagans on Parade!
They've got a new book that tells how to hook
The deity of the day;
Atlantis is just the sort of place they hope
To go on their holiday.
Their heads are filled with morning cartoons,
They think that whales invented the runes,
What silly loons,
The Pagans are having a ga-a-athering!
You'll think you've stepped right into a land
Where everything is absurd;
Where nothing ever happens on time
And nobody keeps their word.
The things they do you cannot believe,
Your head will spin; your stomach will heave;
You've got to leave:
The Pagans are having a ga-a-athering!


Steve Wilson

Created by Chandonn and Jordsvin

all works used by permission of the authors

last modified 04/13/2004