The Wild Hunt Song


Also known as "The Viking Funeral Song"

(To the tune of "The Worms Crawl In; The Worms Crawl Out")

(Note from Jordsvin: this was published in a slightly different form in Yggdrasil several years back)


     Oh, when you see the Wild Hunt ride by,
You know that you'll be the next to die.
They'll put Hel-shoes upon your feet;
They'll brew some ale and slaughter some meat.
A naked man will light your pyre,
And then the flames will leap higher and higher!
     Refrain: The flames go in; the flames go out;
In your stomach and out your mouth.
They'll burn your eyes; they'll burn your nose;
They'll burn the jelly between your toes!
     They'll burn you up and char you well;
And put your feet on the Road to Hel.
They'll put your ashes in an urn in the ground,
And then they'll raise up a great big mound.
And when your name's in Runes on a stone,
They'll slay a thrall so you won't be alone!
    (Repeat refrain)



Created by Chandonn and Jordsvin

all works used by permission of the authors

last modified 07/22/2003