The Ballad of

"Saint" Olaf


The Ballad of  "Saint" Olaf

By Steve Wilson

Note from Jordsvin: this song has a neat little tune, but unfortunately none of us can write music!  It would still make an excellent religious poem for use in commemorating our Heathen Martyrs.  A number of Heathen groups incorporate them at several places in their religious calendars.  Would work great in an Einherjar Night Blot or Sumbel too.  From a strictly historical point of view, the deeds of TWO fanatically Christian early kings of Norway are combined: "Saint" Olaf  = Olaf the Fat (may Niflhel's Wyrms fry him up like bacon) and Olaf Tryggvason (may Nighogg gnaw his 'nads).  However, the combination of the two kings in no way detracts from the value of this fine work:

For nine hundred years you've been hallowed,

Been sainted and held up to fame,

But folk who are true have revived Asatru

And ev'ryone spits on your name.


Chorus: Ohh, Olaf the Traitor,

You turned on your gods and your kin,

Ohh, Olaf the Traitor,

We'll curse you again and again.


You fell for the Christian's seduction,

Denied you own ancestors' way,

You gave up your soul for bloody control,

For such treachery you will pay.




Brave Guthroth of Uppland defied you,

And Eyvind and Olvir* did too,

You had them all slain but their stories remain

As beacons to folk strong and true.




In kin's blood your wyrd you had written,

At Stikklestad Battle you fell,

For you none will cry, no valkyries fly,

Your soul lies in dark Niflhel.



*Note from Steve: I can't remember now where I came across Olvir (some call him Oliver, I think), but he was another that paid with his life for resisting the conversion of Scandinavia. I believe his name crops up in Heimskringla.

*Note from Jordsvin: Olvir's Day of Remembrance is March 9.  He was a farmer of noble birth and a leader in Trondheim, Norway.  Olaf Tryggvason murdered him for performing the Spring Sacrifices.



Steve Wilson

Created by Chandonn and Jordsvin

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