Cthulhu Cult Infiltrates the Catholic Church


               A Deeply Disturbing Historical Document


     The following document has been translated by me from a palimpsest recently acquired by the Special Collections division of the Miskatonic University Library.  If this document and the potentially earth-shaking revelations it contains are ever verified, and I believe they will be, they will alter forever how we view world history.  However, I believe that the truth must be told regardless of consequences.  It is in that spirit that I offer the following translation:


"Year 1066 of the Incarnation

From: Hydrasticus, Presbyter of Notre Dame de la Mer, Nice

To: Him who was once called Augustine of Hippo


Reverendissime Pater in Fides,


     Excuse, I humbly urge Your Excellency, the imperfections in my writing. The Latin tongue has changed much since you and your mother the Lady Monica attained your Ageless Forms and descended beneath the waves.

     Under the cover of the faith of Jesus, likewise beneath the waves, although the air-breathers prefer to think he walked another path to Transfiguration, our most holy and ancient Faith continues to grow both in strength and in numbers.

     As per the plans previously discussed, a noble couple sharing both our lineage and our faith will occupy the throne of England before the year is out.  I will inform you when all is in place.  As their already numerous progeny reach adulthood and begin to marry into the royal houses of Europe, our influence will truly begin to expand.

     It gratifies me greatly to report to you that exceedingly fair maidens of our faith and lineage are now in the harems of several of the Emirs of the Saracens.  Means will be taken in due time to ensure that their sons are the ones who inherit their fathers’ realms.  The ongoing struggles between the Christian and Saracen lands will serve to conceal the steady expansion of our own more aquatic dominion.

     For now, I must take my leave of Your Excellency.  The local convent has just received nine new novices, and it is my duty to see that all of them bear children carrying Father Dagon and Mother Hydra’s gift of eternal life.  My labors are never at an end, but for our faith I must, of course, exert myself, as you once did in your own time above the Waters.  These novices are fortunately but simple country girls and thus easily turned to the True Path.  Like Maria, mother of Jesus, they shall in due time be “blessed among women.”


Vale in nomine Cthulhui,

Hydrasticus filius Dagoni,



Post-Scriptum: Mwyth’fth yarthlath n’wyphlyth Cthulhu fatagn thyaa Nyarleth-Hotep grwaa R’lyeh.  (Editor’s note: text unintelligible except for a few proper names already familiar to the erudite reader).


     It can only be surmised that this missive, whose parchment, ironically, was subsequently reused to record a treatise against heresy and unchaste living among the clergy, was copied onto a lead sheet and dropped over the site of one of the undersea cities of the Deep Ones somewhere in the western reaches of the Mediterranean Sea.


Richard Herne, translator/editor



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