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By Ben Middleton

(Note from Jordsvin: I could not find the blot script itself, but will put it online if it turns up!  Here is the background info, which should be useful for anyone seeking to blot Vidhar for the first time.)

Vidhar Blot 1994

Why should we, or anyone, do a blot to Vidhar? This deity does not relate directly to any season, holiday, or celebration. In fact, most sources consider him a lesser deity due to there being little mention of him in the Eddas and Sagas.

But considering his aspects, character, and the times we live in, it truly behooves us to investigate Vithar further.

Let us begin by introducing Vidhar as a god. Most sources place him with the Aesir, although he has the earthy aspects of the Vanir. Having worked with Vidhar some, it is my strong personal opinion that he may have possibly predated the Aesir and have been a god with one of Odin's older aspects as Wodan, Woden, or Wotan. As you work with Vidhar, you will understand what I mean.

Vidhar appears as a man in his late twenties or early thirties with fair skin and light sandy hair and beard. He stays quiet most of the time, as he is contemplating the condition of mankind on Midgard, which he cares for very deeply. His clothing is dark…usually green or black trimmed in gold, sometimes with a blue tunic, also trimmed in gold. Vidhar's hall is Vidi, located in the deep, deep forest. He is the Lord of springs, fields, meadows, and the deep forest.

Most aspiring vitki (asatruarar-in-training) recognize Vidhar/Vithar (more commonly spelled Vidar) as the son of Odin by the giantess Grid. At Ragnarok, he does battle with his life-long enemy, Fenris the wolf, son of Loki. Fenris devours Odin and Vidhar avenges his father by using a shoe "of many leathers" to rip open Fenris' jaw. At this point, we do not know if Odin dies again or survives Ragnarok, as these accounts were tampered with by the Christians.

Note from Jordsvin: Snorri tells us that Vidhars shoe is made from the scraps of leather discarded by shoemakers. Perhaps leather scraps would be a good offering to Vidhar.

At any rate, Vidar, or Vidhar, has been called a god of revenge, even though the Norsemen found justice (through Tyr/Tiwaz, of course) far more preferable. This is where you really must know your Wyrd. If you look deeper at the Norse symbolism presented here, a slightly different picture of Vidhar emerges. His name means 'Far-Ruler', and Vidi means 'wide land'. He tends to "view things from a greater scope rather than from a limited viewpoint.

"Wide fields" symbolizes abundance, whereas the "deep forest" means that this abundance has to be sought, presumably from the deep mind. Expanded consciousness is the reward for surviving our own Ragnarok. It is only logical to make this assumption, since Vidhar is a son of Odin, that wisdom should bear strongly in his character.


COLORS: All greens, sky-blue, white


WOOD: Pine or maple

ANIMALS: Puma, elk, hawk

STONES: Tiger's eye, turquoise, jade

WEAPONS: Sword, shoe

TYPE of ENERGY: Green vital force; also blue expansive energy, turning slightly golden

IMAGE: Strong healthy young man wearing a dark green tunic trimmed with gold and decorated with blue highlights; extremely broad-shouldered; his eyes seem to look afar off.

HOMES, HALLS, & HAUNTS: Vidi; low, rolling green fields & rich greenwoods

RELATIVES: Odin, his father; Grid, his mother

RULERSHIPS: Strength, vision, planning prognostication, projection, predictions, forecasts, long-range surveillance & grand strategy

The above info is adapted from The Road to Bifrost Volume V: The Mysteries in Bifrost's Path by Thorr and Audrey Sheil, which, sadly, is out of print.

Created by Chandonn and Jordsvin

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