Sigrdrifumal Prayer


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Sigrdrifumál prayer, my version cobbled together from several translations

This is a cobbled-together and slightly modified translation for ritual or liturgical use.  A parapsychologist I am corresponding with mentioned using old, charged, powerful prayers for focus before beginning spirit work.  Since one of the things Seidhr is being used for is dealing with ghosts/spirits of various sorts, I thought something in our own religion might be useful.  In any case, here it is:


Hail Day!  Hail the Sons of Day!

Hail Night and the Daughter of Night!

Gaze on us with gracious eyes,

Award us victory, we who wait.


Hail the Gods!  Hail the Goddesses!

Hail Earth who gives to all!

Wisdom and fair speech give to us

And healing hands while we live.


Note: Feel free to forward as long as you give me credit. Put it on your web page if you like. Translate it! Cross-post it! But,...please email me if interested in publishing it.

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