The Hammerstead Kindred Blot Book


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       Hammerstead Kindred: its legacy endures!

A selection of (mostly) seasonal rituals held by Hammerstead Kindred

Scanned in, arranged, and occasionally slightly edited by Jordsvin

While Hammerstead Kindred was active, we did many blots.  The basic format was derived from the ones composed by Steve McNallen and sold by World Tree Press last I heard.

UPDATE: In late Nov. 2009 the AFA published its NEW blotbook!  It's at:

These blots were not only available rather early in modern Heathen History, back before Teutonic Religion and Our Troth, but are also very good!  The ones below are arranged to provide a cycle of annual blots for the Central Kentucky area.  While not corresponding exactly to any one yearly cycle the Kindred did, I think they represent the best of our Blots.  Most were composed and led by Lisa and/or Steve Wilson.  Other contributors include Dwayne/Badger, Ben Middleton, and Jordsvin. Please note that our Heathen Year begins with Yule.

After holding a Charming of the Plow/Rite of Land-Blessing Freyblot in early February when the ground was frozen solid and covered with snow, we decided that the best course was to try to time our major blots with what was going on in the natural world around us!

We firmly believe that each Heathen individual, household, and group should feel free to decide which Gods and Goddesses to publicly honor in their blots and when in the year to do so.  While some groups follow a modified 8-ritual Wheel of the Year (admittedly of Wiccan origin), others, like the Odinic Rite in England, have a monthly Blot.  Other groups follow still other cycles, and by no means every group follows a fixed yearly cycle, although it does provide a sense of continuity and is a good way to connect not only with our Elder Kin, but also with the changing seasons.

We hope you enjoy the following rituals and that they will help you develop your own rituals to bring you closer to the Aesir and Vanir and to the Heathens with whom you worship.

Like I said, folks, I scanned these blots in.  It was the only practical way to get it done.  Some typos have no doubt escaped my proofreading.  Please copy and paste any you find and send them to me by clicking here, and I will endeavor to correct them.   Please be sure to put "correction to Hammerstead Kindred Blotbook" as the message title, and indicate in exactly which blot you found the typo or other error.  In addition to typos, a line or two may occasionally be missing or several may be scrambled, thanks to the scanner "hiccuping".  If you find a case like that, please send that in too with a note of explanation.  Many thanks.

Finally, here's a little secret Steve Wilson discovered when he started preparing to do public blots: watch the daily Catholic Mass (not the long, fancy Sunday ones) on religious TV.  Those folks really know how to do a ritual well!

Paths to the Gods Series

This series consists of a combination of scholarly articles, personal experiences, and directions for doing journeywork for you to meet our Gods, Goddesses, and other Holy Wights for YOURSELF!

Hofs and Harrows: an article on Heathen places of worship

In writing your own blots, I believe you will find the following article to be of great help:

Article - Basic Blot Construction - by Steve Wilson

Pour voir en français (traduction Serge VENAT) cet article sur la contruction des rituels Asatru Cliquez ici.

As, I humbly :-) suggest, you will by these that I wrote:

A Glossary of Heathen-Related Words, Mostly Norse/Icelandic...

used in these blots, along with some English terms likely to be unfamiliar to many readers or having special meanings in a Heathen context.  Please send to me any other words you find there that you do not understand and I'll add them to the glossary!  Jordsvin

Pour voir le Glossaire en traduction française de Serge VENAT Cliquez ici.

Worship and Spirituality During and Between the Asatru Holidays

Pour voir cet article sur Culte et Spiritualite par Jordsvin en traduction française de Serge VENAT Cliquez ici.


Seasonal Calendar of blots (rituals):

1.    Frigga Blot for Mothers' Night (Yule, c. 21 Dec.)

Currently, Lisa does a Nerthus Blot on this occasion (Yule/Winter Solstice, but I have included this blot as an example of a Frigga Blot  It contains a blessing for pregnant women.

2.    Thor Blot (Yule or w/ slight changes, dead of winter, Jan./Feb.)

3.    Rite of Land-Blessing (early Mar. in our area), to Frey & Earth

4.    An Ostara Blot (Spring Equinox, c. 21 Mar. in N. Hemisphere)

5.    Freya Blot for May Day

      Lisa Wilson's Blot to Nerthus (Lisa does this Blot for May Day)

6.    Midsummer Blot to Nerthus (a description, not a Blot-Script)

       Balder Blot, also for Midsummer/Summer Solstice (c. 21 June)

Pour voir ce rituel a Balder par Steve WILSON en traduction française de Serge VENAT Cliquez ici.

7.    Frey Blot for Loaf-Fest (1 Aug.)

8.    Freya & Disablot for Fall Equinox (c. 21 Sept. in N. Hemisphere)

       A Vanir Blot for Fall Equinox, alternative to the above

9.    Odin's Rune Rite (for the Hallowe'en Season)

      Odin's Rune Rite, Badger's version, derived from the above

10.  Tyr/Einherjar Blot (c. US Veterans' Day, 11 Nov.)


Some other useful rituals:

Vidhar Blot info by Ben Middleton (not seasonal)

Profession Rite


More useful information:

Aegis-Hjalm Meditation Info by Ben Middleton

The Ballad of  "Saint" Olaf,  a Poem/Song by Steve Wilson


Lesser Feasts and Days of Remembrance:

Lesser Feasts and Days of Remembrance

mostly based on info  at Rites and Ways of the Troth (on The Troth's webpage).  See also my article on Germanic Heroes, written 4/04.

A Poem on Frey's Boat "Skidhbladhnir" - by Jordsvin

This would be great for a blot to any or all the Vanir!

A Poem on the Liberation of Lindisfarne - by Jordsvin

          Lindisfarne Day is celebrated on June 8th.  See Lesser Feasts and Days of Remembrance.

Sigrdrifumal Prayer

          Sigrdrifumal Prayer, Jordsvin's version.  "Hail Day!  Hail the Sons of Day!"


Created by Chandonn and Jordsvin

all works used by permission of the authors

last modified 12/06/2009