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By Ben Middleton

Basic Information--Guided Norse Meditation


Part I - Protection; Aegis-Hjalm / Helm of Awe

The Aegis-Hjalm of legend was a magickal helmet that protected its wearer with invisible armor, struck terror into his enemies, and rendered him invisible. This is the helmet that shall be visualized in our meditation; not to battle against physical warring enemies, but to protect us against spiritual invaders as we go into our subconscious or deep mind.

Some holy signs (not runes, but additional magickal symbols) are sigils called aegis-hjalms. They are usually equal-armed crosses with four to eight arms and often have other runes or holy signs incorporated into their structure so as to give them protective powers that are generally more powerful than the conventional runes used for that purpose. Though more advanced runologists have several to many uses for aegis-hjalms, they are more often than not used defensively almost exclusively. For our purposes in this meditation, this will be our chief concern in regard to the aegis-hjalm.

Part II -- Yggdrasil / World Tree

The Norse pantheon, like many others on Midgard, contains a giant tree whose branches and roots connect all the parts of the world, thus making all the parts one whole. In our meditation, we will also find a tree that is uniquely our own. Whether your preference is oak, rowan, yew, maple, ash, elm, or any other that you may be drawn to, remember that this is your personal, impregnable, impenetrable refuge and source of wisdom that is there any time you need it.

As you grow in the Nordic path, eventually this tree will be your point of departure when you begin pathwalking and journeying down the road to further discover the mysteries, and it will also be your point of return.


The Aegis-Hjalm Helm of Awe should be practiced often, once a day or twice if at all possible. It only takes a few minutes, and when practiced regularly, strengthens the personal aura and astral field. Other benefits include (sometimes, but not always) a more powerful meditation and stronger energy in the magickal circle. It also helps to strengthen your personal power, as well as a sharper focus of the individual will.

The meditation should also be practiced frequently, if not every day, then at least on a regular basis. Used together, they make an excellent prelude to any ritual, spell, or blot, in addition to the above.


Benton Middleton

Created by Chandonn and Jordsvin

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