A Poem on The Liberation of Lindisfarne


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"Liberation of Lindisfarne"


08 June 793 C.E. / 1043 R.E.

 by Jordsvin


Longships linger at Lindisfarne.

Dragon-boats deliver doom to Draug-devotees.*

May the mauling be mighty!

Coward Christ’s cringing cattle-

Mannaz made Fehu by a foul foreign faith.

Relics wrested from wretched worshippers;

Plunder plucked from pious prudes.

Forefathers’ faith forsworn:

Christ cannot help and Woden won’t!

Fools’ fane** flares in flames.

Victorious Vikings voyage on.

Mighty the mauling meted out!


* Draug (Old Norse draugR, Modern Icelandic draugur, Norwegian draug is a ghost or more precisely a walking corpse.  With a capital “D” it’s “their risen lord.”  :-)

** Fane, from the Latin fanum is an archaic/poetic word meaning “temple.”  Here, of course it is the burning monastery church.



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