A Poem on Frey's Boat "Skidhbladhnir"


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The Vanir are Norse Divinities of the Earth and Nature, roughly speaking.  I hope that the following poem and brief background information will prove informative and maybe inspire you to learn more about, and maybe even work with the Vanir. Enjoy!


"Skidhbladhnir "


Now the boat departs--

Bound for Other Worlds

Water-Wagon, Ship of the Wanes

Waters of our birth,

Deep waters of the Unconscious.


Nerthus, Dark Earth Mother;

Njordh, God of coastal seas;

Frey of the deep green woods;

Freya, Mistress of Magick.

Earth and Water.

Birth, Death, and Rebirth.

Vanir: the Oldest Holy Family.


Notes on the Vanir: "Wanes" is an Anglicized form of their name. They are one of three families of  Norse Deities (Aesir, Vanir and Jotnar). Creation myths describe the origin of the Aesir and Jotnar, the other families of Norse Gods and Goddesses. The Vanir, however, were evidently just always there. Whereas the Aesir are to an extent transcendent of Nature, the Vanir are seen as immanent within it. Early in Time, the two tribes of Gods warred, but made peace, exchanged hostages, and joined forces.


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