"Her Stend Ek"

An Affirmation


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(reprinted with permission)

Here stand I -- alone if necessary -- for the things that I believe.

(1) I believe that the Aesir and the Vanir are living Deities who came out of Ginnungagap before the beginning of time, and have ruled the Nine Worlds since then, and will rule them until Ragnarock -- whether or not humans believe in them.

(2) I believe that the Aesir and the Vanir are inherently good, and that they always support good and oppose evil, and that they always want all humans to do what is right.

(3) I believe that the Aesir and the Vanir foster and value the individuality of each person, and that each person should be proud of what he or she inherently is -- and that people should never look down on others, or themselves, for what they inherently are.

(4) I believe that Faith in the Aesir and the Vanir constitutes the Religion of Asatru, which is separate from and not connected to any other religious faith (although it ray be superficially similar in some respects), and that Asatru is my religion and my only religion.

(5) I believe that, as an adherent of Asatru I have a personal relationship with each and all of the Aesir and the Vanir, individually and collectively-- that Frigg and Odinn inspire me, that Tyr and Zisa guide me, that Sif and Thorr protect me, and that Freyja and Freyr provide for me -- and that all of the Gods and Goddesses are my friends.

(6) I believe that every human on earth can and may have a similar personal relationship with all of the Aesir and the Vanir individually and collectively, and has as much right as I do to be an adherent of Asatru, if he or she so chooses, and that Asatru is freely open to anyone who wants to accept it -- regardless of gender, race, color. ethnicity, national origin, language, sexual orientation, or other divisive criteria -- and that no individual or group of individuals has the right to try to deny Asatru anyone, or to try to force it onto anyone.

(7) I believe that religious beliefs should always be of free choice, and that each person who chooses to adhere to Asatru should interpret it according to his or her own ideas, and that no individual or group of individuals ever has the right to try to make a person adhere to any religious ideas or beliefs against that person's will, or to try to harm those who do not agree with them, for any reason.

(8) I believe that the Asatru Religion, guided by the great Gods of Asgard, provides the best Way of Life for all who choose to follow it, and that the Asatru Way of Life esteems: courage, honor, hospitality, independence (and liberty), individuality (with self-reliance and self-responsibility), industriousness (and perseverance), justice (including an innate sense of fairness and respect for others), loyalty (to family, friends, and the society of which one is a part), truthfulness, and a willingness to stand up for and do what is right.

(9) I believe that when I die my Spirit will live on in Asgard, if I have earned it, in the company of all of the Aesir and the Vanir --so help me Tyr and Zisa.



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