Fairlane & THUNDERBOLT  models, ect.!


     Not a Model, but a rare pic of Bill Lawton's TASCA Ford, 1963 A/FX T-Bolt in action.   Hot Rod  12-1963,  pg 71.



In the FAIRLANER  May-June 2003,  five more pictures a little earlier, with slightly different Lettering & Bill Humphrey driving.


Great 10 page article/pictures of T-Bolts in Collectable Automobile,  August 1991.

  It appears the model makers have reached the "bottom of the barrel" & have to make T-Bolts now to stay in business!     Good news for us!      Here is the latest tally  (hope someone knows about other ones I missed) !

      HAJI   1964 Sports Coupe, (not T-Bolt) Maroon, (even the windows) maybe from the 60's. 

   1990,  REVELL models,  1:25 scale,  plastic,  you-build-it!

            RUSS DAVIS FORD (Covina, Ca.)  GAS Ronda driver

            TASCA FORD (Rhode Island)  Bill Lawton driver

About 1995, REVELL,  1:25 scale,  plastic, you-build-it, white box with only Blue lettering & hand-drawn car.  5000 made.

1999, REVEL,  1:25 scale,  plastic,  you-build-it,  Red with Flames,  catalog shows & says it comes    with a easy to assemble Taco Bell business dioramas, which apparently didn't work out.

2001, MAISTO,  1:24 scale,  Maroon,  metal,  no lettering,  window box package.

       HOT WHEELS,  #046,  Black,  ROBERT FORD,  Hugh Riehlman driver.

      AMERICAN MUSCLE  1:64 scale, metal,  White, Red,     Black, Yellow, in bubble-pack & box. 

2002,  RACING CHAMPIONS Ertl (RCE),  CONCEPT & MUSCLE   1:64 scale, Maroon, White,  metal, in bubble-pack.

        RACING CHAMPIONS Ertl (RCE),  1:18 scale, White, very detailed.    About $70.

        "TOY CARS & MODELS"  T-Bolt (RCE) on cover, very good 3 1/2 page article inside.

       "Muscle Machines"  6 different T-Bolt's,  Tubbed, shortened Trunk, Side Pipes, 1:64 Scale.       Bubble-pack.     Maroon, Gray, Lt. Green, Dk. Green, Blue, Copper.  Intakes can be stock Bubble Hood/8V,  Blower/Scoop or Blower/Injector Stacks.

May 2003 HOT ROD,  pg 18.  Article on SUPERCAR Collectables Limited-Edition  Gas Ronda T-Bolt set, 2500 made.  Set = one 1:18 & one 1:64.   $85.95

 June 2003,  HOT WHEELS,  #060,  Green with Yellow Flames

                   MAISTO "64 Ford Fairlane Thunderbolt"  1:24  Beige/Golden Plastic, you assemble.



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