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Welcome, to my  LTD-LX   &  FAIRLANE  site!

Most traveled Fairlane in the country?

NOTICE:  Four Door Mustang (ex Police LTD) on cover of "Muscle Mustangs & Fast FORD's", Aug 03

11-25-02     64 FAIRLANE sighting!!!     In Wallmart TV add!

7-19-02   THUNDERBOLT sighting!   August 02, Cover of "TOY CARS & MODELS"!      Biggest Model yet!    Good 3 page article inside!

WARNING!!!   San Diego Boondoggle!   A choking  Danger  MAY BE COMING TO YOUR STREET!!!

7-31-01   September 01 HOT ROD pg 116 !   Fifteen months after they spotted Jefferson Morris's (has since moved to a new Marauder, even trade, right?) awesome 85 LX at Knox Berry Farms Fabulous Ford Show,  it's in the Mag!  It was well worth the wait as the article is very well written & there is interesting upgrade info!

August 01 MM & FF pg 154 !  Darryl Buckner's 85 LX  is almost doing a "wheelie" turning a 12.60.

 This site mainly covers 1984-85 Ford "Fox" LTD cars which came standard with  a 5.0 HO, CFI and AOD & also  62-65 FAIRLANES.

This includes the LTD-LX,  LTD PoliceMustang and Mercury Marquis LTS  Foxes. 

   Other non HO but CFI "Fox" cars that will find some useful info here are the 83-86 LTD & Mercury Marquis, the T-Bird, Cougar, Fairmont & Lincolns in the 80's.  Even the 80-81 Granada, (not CFI).

 The LTD and Marquis could be  special ordered creating some odd combinations.  

LTD (& other similar cars) Possible Problems.               Parts & info wanted!                        

A  LTD Police car modified for TV Stunt work.           LTD build sheets & VIN #'s

NEW!   FOX Rear Arms, Sway Bars & Disk Brakes

Kim Basinger,  "The Getaway",  "Desperate for Love",  Movies with good Cars,  Kim Basinger

Dyno Don's  "Lighting Bolt"  burn-out at Bakersfield.        A T-Bolt named "Humpin Henry"

Fairlane Header's  available or hoped for!            THUNDERBOLT Models, etc.     

Throw-away your LTD's hood's PROP ROD!           1984  OLYMPIC  Police cars!

CFI cars at full throttle ran lean on the front cylinders & rich at the back!   The Fix should work on LX's too!

    Here is a listing of the special parts common to the LX and/or Police, which I have many of for sale.            Hardest to find LX parts!

 Documents, many which came in the LTD, which I also have extra of.        Sources of Information.         

 The only(?) weak point on these "Fox" cars is their Sun Visors!  See what Hot Rodding can do!

 Typical LTD problems, fixes and modifications.         My  AOD.        EEC  #'s, info.

 Shocking, the LTD-LX got shorted on  CFI-EFI Fuel Pumps           Remote TFI works! 

  Hot Rod Magazine, 3-02, "Pit Stop"  "rear end"  misinformation & prejudices?

NEW   California SMOG Testing, more than you want to know!     My cars & others over the years!    

   Coming attractions:  "Fabulous Fords Forever"  at Knott's, 4-xx-04 & the California Fairlane Mini Meet, Sept, 12-14, 03 at Paso Robles

             If you speak Minnesooootaonics, you may go here!

            If you need any parts or have any questions or info for me --- 

James O Peterson        626--793-7712 

Helpful  TECHNICAL  links ---

For great AOD info/fixes, including how to look for the right AOD, 

LTD Zone   good contacts.           The FORD LTD Hub   

            Big Daddy LTD-LX   1/4 mile fun!

Bondurant School of High Performance Driving

Fairlane Club of America         WINDSOR-FOX  5.0 Conversions

QUICKOR  Sway Bars        CRITES RESTORATIONS   Thunderbolt parts

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