Jon-Pall Sigmarsson Tribute Page
April 28, 1960 - January 16, 1993

Early Years - He took up Glima, a traditional Icelandic wrestling at the age of five and went on to play soccer, swimming, handball and middle-distance running.

1978 - started powerlifting

1979 - first PL competition. Won the 110 kg. class ( SQ: 185 kg, BP: 125 kg, DL: 220 Kg. )
Competes in Olympic lifting ( Snatch: 95 kg, C&J: 130 kg. )
Competes and places second at the Nordic Championships. ( SQ: 250 kg, BP: 175 kg, DL: 282.5 kg. )

1980 - wins the Icelandic Olympic lifting title ( Snatch: 120 kg, C&J: 150 kg. )
Competes at the European Powerlifting Championships in Switzerland where he places second in the 125 kg. class ( 787.5 kg. Total ) Also sets an Icelandic BP record with 192.5 kg.
Places second at the Icelandic PL championships. Another BP record with 195 kg.
Wins the Nordic PL championships in Norway ( 845 kg. Total ) Establishes another Icelandic BP record with 210 kg.
Sets an Icelandic record in the squat in the 125 kg. class with 320.5 kg. His total reaches 855 kg.
Sets European DL record with 350 kg.
Sets Icelandic squat record with 330 kg. and total record with 892.5 kg.
Improves his European record DL to 352.5 kg.
Wins the Icelandic PL championships in the 125 kg. class ( Record total: 912.5 kg. ) First Icelander to break the 900 kg. barrier.
Sets European squat record: 342.5 kg. and an Icelandic BP record: 222.5 kg.
Places second at the European PL championships in Italy in the 125 kg. class ( Total of 852.5 kg. )
Sets another European DL record: 360 kg.
Wins the Nordic PL championships in Sweden in the 125 kg. class ( Total of 890 kg. )

1982 - increases his European DL record to 362.5 kg, and sets an Icelandic record with a total of 940 kg.
First strongman competition, Viking '82 in Sweden; places second. Does a one-arm DL of 230.5 kg. which is reputed to be a WR.
Sets a Nordic DL record with 367.5 kg.

1983 - wins the European PL championship in the 125 kg. class ( Total of 925 kg. ) Sets an Icelandic record in the squat: 357.5 kg.
Sets an Icelandic record with a total of 950 kg.
Injures his foot badly while playing soccer.
In August places 3rd in the Europe's Strongest Man contest.
In November competes in his first WSM where he places second and gets an award for the most popular competitor.
At this point he stops focusing on powerlifting and starts strongman training.

1984 - wins the Icelandic bodybuilding title in the +90 kg. class.
In June he competes in his first Highland games in Scotland and stays in Scotland for long periods to train.
Sets another European DL record with 370 kg.
Wins the +125 kg. class in competition between Scotland and Iceland in Glasgow. ( SQ: 365 kg, BP: 235 kg, DL: 370 kg. )
In December of the same year he decides to become a professional strongman.
wins the WSM for the first time in Mora, Sweden.The contest is held in January 1985 but the title is awarded for the year 1984.

1985 - In September he places third at the Defi Mark Ten in Canada.
Wins Iceland's Strongest Man.
In November places second at the WSM in Portugal.
Wins World Musclepower Championship in Scotland.

1986 - wins the Highland Games in Meadowbank,Scotland.
In Novemebr he wins his second WSM title in France.
Wins the World Muscle Power Championship in Scotland.
It's also said that he became the first man in the world to lift a 150 kg. McGlashen stone up on a barrel.
Places second at the Defi Mark Ten in Canada.Sets a WR in the wheelbarrow push with 3,000 lbs. pushed for 3.06 m.He and fellow Icelander Hjalti win the team competition.
Wins Europe's Strongest Man.

1987 - Wins the Pure Strength/Ultimate Challenge Competition contest, held at Huntley Castle in Scotland,against Bill Kazmaier and Geoff Capes.
Places second in a strongman competition in Japan, Geoff Cape's the winner.
Wins Europe's Strongest Man, held in Holland.
Gets in the Guinness Book of records by lifting the biggest whiskey bottle in the world.

1988 - wins the Icelandic Bodybuilding championship in the +90 kg. class. It's his last BB win.
Wins his third WSM title in Hungary.
Places 2nd at Europe's Strongest Man, held in Holland.

1989 - competes in the WSM in Spain where he breaks a finger and places third. [injury to leg confirmed from footage, but finger unconfirmed]
Wins the World Musclepower Championship in Canada.
Wins the Iceland Kraftur '89 tournament, the other notables are: 2nd - Jamie Reeves, 3rd - Magnus Ver Magnusson, 4th - Hjalti Arnasson, 5th - O.D. Wilson, 6th - Tom Magee.
Wins the Strongest Man of Finland in Turku.
Wins the Scottish Power Challenge in Glasgow.
Places 3rd at Europe's Strongest Man, held in Iceland.

1990 - first man in the world to win the WSM title 4 times.
Wins Nissan Power Cup in Finland,the Scottish Power Challenge, World Musclepower Championship and European Musclepower Championship held in England.
Places 4th at Europe's Strongest Man, held in Denmark.
Wins Iceland's Strongest Man.

1991 - wins World Musclepower Championship in Canada.
In August injures his left arm badly in the Nordic Strongest Man in Denmark. His arm is operated on at a hospital in Scotland but will never be able to regain full use of his arm.
Wins Iceland's Strongest Man.

1992 - during the course of the year he wins 13 strongman competitions, his last competition being Strongest Man of Finland,which he won.
In October was forced to withdraw from WSM due to injuries.
Places 4th at Europe's Strongest Man, held in Denmark.
Wins Iceland's Strongest Man.

1993 - 16 January Jon Pall Sigmarsson dies.
While doing heavy dead lifts in his gym in Iceland on 16 January 1993, the much admired Viking died tragically of a massive heart attack. Three of his close relatives had died from similar heart conditions.
His aorta was torn -- an injury attributable to a family related heart debility. Magnus Ver Magnusson has said that Jon-Pall was aware of this weakness, as his sister suffered from same thing.

The story of the fergus walk (farmers walk for distance) against Capes... Capes had gone first and set a great distance, Jon Pall had to beat him to win the event and the competition. At the starting line he placed a flower in his teeth and started the walk. As he approached Capes' distance his legs looked to be buckling, he staggered and looked as if he could not make one more step ...... then he stopped stood fully upright, smiled to the crowd and strode powerfully past Cape's distance to win the event, flower still in teeth. [credit: Viking Power]

At a contest, in Australia, there was a Husafell stone carry. Every other competitor could barely even lift the stone and noone could walk more than a couple meters with it. Then it was Jon Pall's turn. He picked up the stone and walked a couple shaky steps with it, then started dancing and bowing to the spectators while still carrying the stone, for the full distance of the event. [credit: Max Power]

Jon Pall's routine:

Monday- squat, step ups, leg extensions, leg curls, calves, abs
Tuesday- running and grip
Wednesday- bench press, dips, dumbbell presses, laterals, biceps
Thursday- running and grip
Friday- deadlift, clean pulls, bent over rows, calves, abs
(over the weekend he practised weight for height, caber toss, stone press and log press)
[credit: Mark, special thanks]