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Try the new PERFORMA L, the 16' performance fiberglass kayak for $2145 from Mayan Seas.
Superior performance: tracks straight in all weather conditions, even while surfing or traversing following high seas. Comes complete with extra day hatch, full thigh supports built into the cockpit for superior edging for unexcelled turning, bracing and rolling. Top quality vacume bagged fiberglass construction.
See "Mayan Seas Kayaks" and "Kayak/Trip Pictures" links below for more detailed up-close pictures and further description and specifications. For a demo, call:
361-855-3926 in Corpus Christi, TX
"Kayak/Trip Pictures" link also contains many other albums: Apostle Islands trip, Everglades trip, Caddo Lake trip, Espirtu Santo Bay, Lake Buchanan & Lake Travis, California coast, Belize and additional pictures of places to paddle in Corpus Christi.




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