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New website: http://johnson3gun.webs.com/

Johnson 3-Gun continues with local matches held at the NRA Whittington Center in Raton, NM.
We are calling them:
Johnson 3-Gun
at Rocky Mountain!!!
AND our 5th Annual
He-Man 3-Gun National Championship
May 14-15, 2016!
(See BIG Johnson page for more info)


"Local" matches - Johnson 3-Gun at Rocky Mountain:

Our fourth full year in Raton is now officially completed!

Special thanks to our "regulars" who give so much time and effort and good vibes: Mike Griswold, Mike Payne, Brad Riley, Craig Calkins, Herb Roever, Brian Moffett, and I'm sure there are a couple I've forgotten!!!

Local matches planned for 2015:

March 21, 22 skills (come either day or both)

April 18 RO clinic, match April 19 (come both or just Sunday)
May 9 - 3-Gun

May 10 - Precision/Tactical 2 Rifle match

He-Man Nationals May 30-31

June 20 - 3-Gun

June 21 - Precision/Tactical 2 Rifle match

July 17-18, stage building - NO MATCH

Rocky Mountain 3-Gun World Championship August 13-16

Sept 19

The skills match on March 21-22 will be about 12 stages on Saturday focusing on skills. Then Sunday, we will combine the skills together for 4 more typical stages! You can join us for one day or both!

April 18,19 - RO Clinic with match. Saturday will be our 4th annual RO clinic. This clinic is a good refresher for anyone wanting to serve as a 3-Gun RO, but it focuses on Natural Terrain matches. We will be working under RM3G rules, but it covers many of the RO skills talked about on the forums. There will be a little bit of shooting on Saturday and then a full Johnson 3-Gun match on Sunday.

On Saturday, we will cover scoping out a stage (as an RO), looking for RO traps, dealing with the natural terrain for 180 and safety as well as RO repairs and supplies, RO equipment and preparedness. Since RO's at a natural terrain match implies more responsibility, we will spend some time looking at that as well. Since 3-Gun is growing so quickly, we will also be looking at strategies to work with shooters that are new to this type of match. The Sunday match will be open to everyone and you can just come on out to shoot!

Anyone interested in ROing JP RM3G or He-Man should consider joining us!



JJ is still working to refine the Precision/Tactical 2 rifle matches, but here's the plan.
You bring 2 rifles - an AR15(.223) and a Precision Rifle (.223 to 300WM) and all the bags, bipods, backpacks, paraphernalia that you would bring to a precision match. You may use all of it with either or both rifles. You may have to sling either rifle. You may have shoot the AR15 on the move with all your Precision Rifle stuff on your back.
There are 2 different types of stages. Both have a 5 minute time limit. Scoring is total points!

The Field Stages will have movement from a start position with AR loaded at low ready, PR slung, any additional equipment also carried. Engaging AR paper and steel targets (~5 each) while moving to the PRS shooting position, no requirement on number of rounds expended. Once at the PR position the AR will be grounded safely and then the shooter will engage 5 long range steel targets, 2 rounds each max. A 1st round hit on each PR target is desired. Normal par time will be 5 minutes, 10 points available for the AR, 10 for the PR with a total of 20 points max per stage.
AR Paper will be 2 scored rounds each, 1/2 point each for A/B, 1/4 point each for C, no score for D.
Each AR steel will be worth 1 point.
Each PR steel will be worth 2 points if hit on 1st round, 1 point if hit on 2nd round.
No point for misses or FTEs.
The Stationary Stages will be from defined shooting positions, maybe 10-20 feet apart, AR at one and PR at the other. Again, unlimited rounds with the AR are allowed at 10 targets, with 2 per max at 5 targets with the PR, 10 points available with each, 20 per stage.
AR and PR targets scored the same, 1 point each for AR, 1 or 2 points each for PR depending on if hit 1st or 2nd attempt.

Shooter's briefing starts at 0800. Location will be posted at the gate, but probably across the street from Competitor Housing. $30.
"Local" matches - Johnson 3-Gun at Rocky Mountain:
We will have a newbie briefing at 0830.
Shooter's Briefing starts at 0900. We plan to be heading to stages by 0930.
Match fee will be $40 in 2015.

Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun!


Johnson 3-gun
10168 Quivas St.
Thornton, CO 80260


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