Roebuck Research and Consulting
Welcome to expert assistance with questions of human body dimensions (anthropometry) and their applications to ergonomic designs. John Roebuck can help you write proposals, plan surveys, analyze data, prepare reports and apply data in innovative ways.

Need non-measured data? For usually normally distributed measurements (long-bone lengths and heights), RRC can derive statistically valid summary statistics from other reported measurement summary statistics or individual data files - or estimate them from similarity to other data sets.

John Roebuck has over 4 decades of experience including design engineering and ergonomic applications and research. While much of it involved aerospace (transport aircraft, Apollo, Shuttle and Space Station projects), he also has done work in relation to automotive, agricultural, clothing, bicycles and computer human modeling for multiple purposes.

Roebuck Research continually adds to its extensive files and performs internal research to provide you with unusually complete presentations of data and new methods for ergonomic applications of anthropometric data. Currently a major focus is on Latin American anthropometry. Another involves developing improved standards for description of measurements and landmarks. Networking is continuous with leaders in anthropometric applications and measurements throughout the world, developing capabilities to offer extraordinary, international anthropometry to customers in many languages. Roebuck is a member of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, Society of Automotive Engineers and American Society for Testing and Materials. He has authored or co-authored over 40 publications, including two major books on anthropometric methods. Consulting is offered, either on the basis of fixed price for a defined task or by hourly rate plus costs. Call (310) 394-0807, send email to address at bottom of page, write to 450 12th Street, Santa Monica, CA 90402-2036.

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